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  1. sybo

    Latest Damascus projects!

    Found a nice piece of Alabama Damascus and thought I would do a couple of Fighter/Hunter designs. I should be able to get 4 nice ones! This is a pretty batch! So far I like these two blades...
  2. sybo

    Thinking outta the “Chefs-knife” box!

    I have been playing around with some Kitchen cutters lately and have had some interesting comments from non-Knife community people. Can I get some opinions here from this amazing pool of talent! These are both CPM-154, stock removal, 8” and about 6”. PS, I DO like doing something...
  3. sybo

    DBKnives Chefs project! CPM-154 steel, part of a set I’m playing with! What says ye?
  4. sybo

    Websites....... YAY or NAY? Opinions!!!!!!!

    As the title states!! I’m contemplating doing a website but with all the social media today I don’t know how smart this is opinions please from all of my knife dog friends!! Do you guys think it’s really worth it what do you expect to pay to have one set up ?
  5. sybo

    DBKnives projects!

    Haven’t posted a lot here as of late, some stuff from the bench lately! Happy Thanksgiving!! Jim DBK
  6. sybo

    Something new from DBKnives

    NEW PHOTOS!! Working on a new design here. Funky but kind a different! It feels GREAT in the hand and is a You won’t lose this one!! What says ye?