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    Does this make sense?

    The no gun ads probably are more focused on the fact that it is for an evil GUNSHOW. You know that place were all the criminals buy guns illegally.:confused2: There is an attempt to to "Close the gunshow loophole". It is politically charged and the TV news channels try to stay away from it...
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    Golok Rembau

    Thanks JA. That wood is difficult to find in the figured form. I found it a few years ago and really like it. It will continue to deepen in color until it reaches a red/orange. Really a pretty wood.
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    Golok Rembau

    This was a piece commissioned by a fellow foumite. It is a traditional Malaysian style chopper with an American spin. The blade is 13.5 inches long of 450 layer pool and eye damascus. The fixtures are cable in a can damascus. The handle is Chakte viga. The OAL is 19". It is now off to Kenny...
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    Filing versus Grinding

    The most important thing to look at it symmetry in your grind. The bevels need to be as even as possible to prevent any difference in cooling. If you are sending it out for pro HT then you will probably be using air hardening tool steels IE stainless. These are not as sensitive as the simple...
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    I Have a 40+ lbs Box of G-11 to Give Away, interested?

    I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity.
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    Message from Grandpa Ray

    Congrats Ray. Grandkids are great. You can spoil them rotten and then send them home. Have fun in Japan. Hope to see you at the Dec Show.
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    i got wood question

    There are several different methods. First if it is a relatively hard wood to begin with, you can get a product called Nelsonite. This will seal the wood but not feel like plastic. If it is a softer wood then I would recommend sending it off to K&G or WSSI. I tried many different processes...
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    SAD NEWS - Frank Centofante has passed away

    Sad day indeed. One of the first knifemakers I ever meet. A great man and will be sorely missed. RIP Frank
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    Printers Blanket

    Magnetic sheet can be found on page 3399...
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    Printers Blanket

    Mcmaster Carr also has the sheet in smaller quantities. Here is the link Well the link does not take you to the actual page but here are the specs Shape Sheets, Bars, and Strips Sheets, Bars, and Strips Form Sheet Backing No...
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    Printers Blanket

    I do not use cork but I hear tell that it does come apart and needs to be changed periodically. I use the rubber sheet but I also cut a sheet magnet to use on my disc. Then I glue the rubber to the magnet. This way I can pull it off when I want to do some heavy grinding.
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    A dream come true!

    Hey Ray, Been doing OK. You should have called would have been great to hear from you. Not doing Blade West this year. I was planning on dropping in but the wife took the week of to go on vacation so that shot it out the window. When is the Tacoma show? Might be interested in...
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    A dream come true!

    Wow Ray, I take a vacation from the forums and you go and open your own. Good on you. Looks like it might be a nice place to visit and hang out.