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  1. Patrice Lemée

    USMC inspired EDC

    Finally something to show. A small EDC for a good friend of mine. A prior Marine as you probably deduced by the USMC. It's a take-down that I like to make so much. I am exploring engraving more and more and I found out that engraving on a curved surface is a whole new opportunity to practice...
  2. Patrice Lemée

    The Bone Collector

    It is finally done, my first Khukuri. I still have the sheath to finish. I think it came out ok and hopefully the recipient (a good friend) will like it. I know now why these are held in such hi regards. I will definitely be making myself one (although not as fancy) in the future. But not right...
  3. Patrice Lemée

    Happy Birthday Bruce!

    Hope you have a good one amongst family and friends. Filled with...well gifts of course. ;-)
  4. Patrice Lemée

    Carved Bowie

    Didn't know what else to call it. This is the first knife I sold. It left for it's new home. I will be stressed until I know it arrived. :( Here are the specs: Blade length: 5 7/8” OAL: 11” Grind: Flat Steel: 1095, clay/hamon Handle: Desert Ironwood Fittings: Mild steel (1018)...
  5. Patrice Lemée

    Art Nouveau Dagger

    Finally finished it. All in all I think it came out ok. Not 100% what I envisioned when I first started but with each knife I seem to get better at actually making what I first envision. That's a good sign I guess. Specs: Blade length: 6 1/8” OAL: 11 5/8” Grind: Hollow Steel: 5160...
  6. Patrice Lemée

    Happy Birthday Bruce!

    ...and many more! :D
  7. Patrice Lemée

    A simpler one this time...Small Bowie!

    Well it was suppose to be simpler anyway. :( Ended up taking quite a bit of time. It is a take down again. (pics of it dismantled coming in the next few days) Since I am trying to follow advices received and be more confident I'll only point out the problems with the knife that are apparent...
  8. Patrice Lemée

    Persian Dagger done finally!

    Well there are a few more things I had planned on doing and some aspects I am not happy with but, I do this mostly for fun and it was not much fun anymore. I have to be realistic with my skill level too. Don't get me wrong, overall I am pleased and I will do another that's for sure. But this one...
  9. Patrice Lemée

    First Bowie, first take-down...

    First Bowie, first take-down. (Final pics added) Lots of firsts. Also the first time using stabilized wood. Sweet stuff! :D The knife is not done of course, lots of cleaning up to do and sharpening. Handle is only sanded to 220 grit. I would have liked more shape for the handle but this was...
  10. Patrice Lemée

    Latest Hunter (last one with Morado)

    Because of allergies/reaction I will not be using this wood anymore. Anywho... Blade length: 4.25" OAL: 9.5" Grind: hollow Steel: 1095 (3/16") Pins: Stainless Corby bolt Handle: Morado (Pau ferro) Guard & fittings: Stainless (304) & black fiber spacer Not perfect but some improvement...
  11. Patrice Lemée

    YOU try and name this one!

    ;) Latest from me. It was to be part of a KITH but as you can see, turned out a little "out there". :D Sorry for the crappy pics. It was too big for my lightbox. When the stand is finished and the knife sharpened I'll try and get better ones. Still learned some more making it. Thanks for...
  12. Patrice Lemée

    Updated Shop Tour

    Since everybody likes shop pics I just thought I'd take a few more recent ones. Not a perfect shop yet but getting better. Now if I could just do the same. ;) Thanks for looking.
  13. Patrice Lemée

    A couple of hunters

    For two very good friends of mine in Maine. Still lots of things to improve (like photography as you can tell) but I am happy to see some progress. 1095, mild steel guard, can't remember the wood's name though. About 7" OAL with 3" blades. Thanks for looking.
  14. Patrice Lemée

    Need a Leather Stamp, look no further!

    I received 2 stamps from Dennis Paish today. What can I say, just perfect. Exactly the images I sent him perfectly transfered to the leather. Some very fine details on these but everything shows on the leather. I am a very happy camper. Price was very good (75$ each), and delivery was quick. I...
  15. Patrice Lemée

    Let's call it a Ring Knife!

    Latest knife. It was partly done for a while now. Finally finished it. Incredibly comfortable. I will do more with this type handle. Only needs a little rounding in the guard area. I only have to figure out a sheath 6.5" OAL 2.5" blade 1095 (0.25") Bloodwood scales and brass pins Hamon...
  16. Patrice Lemée

    Here it is without the tape!

    Finally finished what was supposed to be a Persian fighter. Stacy was the one I think that pointed out that it would need a up swept blade. Next one will have one. 11" OAL, 6.5" blade, 5160, wood I can't remember just now. Any comments or critique are more than welcome. Thanks for looking.
  17. Patrice Lemée

    Another Dust Management System

    It is Tracy's idea. Posted already but I figured why not post it again. 20$ Box fan from WallyMart and 10$ furnace filter from Home Depot. Easy to do and cheap. Also cause you can't have too many air cleaning devices in your shop. Thanks again Tracy.
  18. Patrice Lemée

    Alignment pins, Everyone should try them!

    It's the first time I try them but WOW! What a difference it makes especially when you have to take down everything a few zillion times. It's a little tricky at first but I am sure I'll learn a few tricks with time and it is well worth the effort. Here is a pic cause everyone likes pics right?
  19. Patrice Lemée

    Contour Vise

    Not my idea of course just something I saw in Jantz Catalog last night. Pretty easy to make. It is not completely finished, some minor tweaking to do but I like it. Anyone sees ways to improve it fell free. I left the chains a little long until I figure out what length is best.
  20. Patrice Lemée

    Hi from Quebec

    Hi folks, not much to say here. I am a wanna be hobbyist knifemaker. Glad to be part of this group and I will try go give back with the little experience I have.