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    52100 Drop point hunter.

    "Chert" model drop point hunter. This series of knives features blades forged of 52100 steel with drop points, and dovetailed bolsters for a little dress. They are designed to be solid but not overly heavy in the hand, with fairly thin slicing edges. HT consists of triple normalization...
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    4" Skinning knife w/quench line, 5160, jade ghost G10.

    4" Skinning knife w/quench line, 5160, jade ghost G10. Sold Pending Funds. G2G “Julep” Skinner: Clay-quenched forged 5160 blade with quench line, clip point, “Jade Ghost“ G10, full flat grind with distal taper and fully tapered tang. SS tube rivets, a mosaic pin, green fiber liners. Light...
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    Habanero hunter, G10, W1 w/hamon

    “Habanẽro.” Get it while it’s hot. Sorry, this blade looked a bit like a pepper, or so I thought when I was making it. After I decided to use orange G10, it was only the natural name for this design since I love spicy stuff. Heck, I even added the green pin for verisimilitude… Here...
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    Clay quenched hunter w/cocobolo

    “Slippard.” Forged, full tapered tang slow drop point hunter, flat ground with dovetailed bolsters. As are a couple other knives I’m selling right now, the blade is heavy coil spring from a GT Mustang, I think it’s 5160 (and it heat treats like 5160) but I’m not gonna lie, just making an...
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    Howdy all you makers

    Hi guys- I thought I would introduce myself here in shop talk as some of you may know me from over at BF. Howdy!
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    Hello all you knife dogs out there- my name is Salem Straub, I am a knifemaker and I post out there on another forum or two, checking this one out because I've heard a lot good about it. Pleased to meet you all.