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    QSB Damascus and ivory

    Built this for the 2022 Blade Show. Mammoth ivory handle, Chad Nichols Moku-Ti bolsters and clip. My Lava Lamp Damascus blade and back bar.

    Martin Pearl and Meteorite Flipper

    First one off the bench for 2022, my Lava Lamp Damascus blade, clip and back bar. Meteorite bolsters and thumb stud. White pearl handle scales held down with titanium hardware.

    U Weld It grinder kit

    I acquired the ‘U Weld It’ grinder kit from USA Knife Supply. Everything one would need to build a tilting grinder base that takes the 1 1/2’ square tool arms. This kits has slots and tabs in each piece to assemble, then weld together. Instructions are well laid out, completely discribing the...

    Martin Flipper

    Its been a thousand years since I posted anything bad. Here is a nice flipper I recently finished with my Quick Silver san mai steel blade and back bar. Chad Nichols Mokuti scales and white pearl inlays. All the screw pedestals are integral which added greatly to my lack of hair and a...

    Martin Flipper Folder

    A recent build with my Lava Lamp Damascus blade, carved Bog Oak scales and Chad Nichols 3 color Zircume bolsters and pocket clip. 3/16” hardened pivot and ball bearing. Peter

    Martin Tuxedo dress QSB flipper

    recently completed flipper with my Lava Lamp Damascus blade and back bar. Zirconium frames and pivot collar. Vegas Forge SS Damascus inlays. Thanks for taking a look, Peter

    Antique white Westinghouse Micarta

    I'm looking for Westinghouse micarta scale material, anything over 1/8" thick. Peter

    Badger Knife Show Lineup

    Here are a bunch (most) of the knives I will have at the Badger Show. A few are deliveries but are still worth posting. I've been a good boy working as hard as I can so I can earn some fishing time. Thanks for taking a look and I hope to see ya at the show. peter

    New XRS Model

    Here is a new model called the XRS, this is dolled up with my Lava Lamp Damascus blade, Chad Nichols Moku-Ti frames, clip and back bar. My mosaic Damascus for the inlays anZirconium pivot button. Titanium liners and hardware. Thanks for taking a look

    VAMP -- Voorhies And Martin Project

    Here is the second VAMP collaboration between myself, Les Voorhies and my son Cory. Cory did the initial Auto CAD design work and the photography as well, Les did the build and handle work and I made the steel, did the heat treating and hot blueing. Lava Lamp Damascus blade and back bar...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Wishing everybody a safe and happy holiday season, may the fires be warm, your drinks be cold and your family close. Peter

    Martin Voyager with Small Dot Superconductor

    I built this last spring and somehow forgot to post the photos. Voyager flipper with my Lava Lamp Damascus blade and back bar, small dot superconductor bolsters and carbon fiber handle. Design by Faisal Yamin Thanks for taking a look, Peter

    Martin Nebula on the Web

    Here is one I built for the ICCE show, I found surfing the web. A Nebula design by Faisal Yamin on My Lava Lamp Damascus blade, floating back bar and bolsters, marbled carbon fiber handle, zirconium pocket clip. Ti hardware. Thanks for checking it out, Peter

    Martin QSB build

    I usually don't post wip pics but this one is something kinda cool. It has my Lava Lamp Damascus blade and back bar, zirconium frames with super conductor inlays. Around the pivot is a collar of metiorite and copper. The owner and I a brainstormed the mix of materials for a dramatic color...

    Martin QSB Flipper

    Here is a QSB with my Lavalamp Damascus blade, full Zircu-Ti sides and clip. I like to wait until I have pro photos but this one turned out so nice I couldn't help myself. Thanks for taking a look, Peter

    VAMP collaboration knife

    This is a collaboration called the VAMP, Voorhies and Martin Project. My son Cory whipped up the initial CAD design and handled the professional photography work. Les did an amazing job of fabricating the sides including the Timascus inlays into the Zirconium frames and titanium liners. I made...

    Another Nebula

    Faisal Yamin design Nubula with my Lava Lamp Damascus blade, zirconium bolsters and clip, Thunderstorm Kevlar handle. Also picked up a bunch of cool cases from Robbin's Custom Cases with my logo embroidered on em. Thanks for taking a look. Peter

    Martin Nebula

    Been a while since I posted so here is a nice one. Nebula design by Faisal Yamin with my Lava Lamp Damascus blade, Moku-Ti bolsters and clip and carbon fiber. A shot the assembly before final coloration of the blade and liners and the final product. Thanks for taking a look, Peter

    Martin Frame Flipper

    Here is the latest, San Mai Damascus blade and back bar, Zirconium frame with Mokume and zirc inlays. Zirconium pocket clip and titanium hardware. My son Cory did the photo and said the Damascus looks like a lava lamp, so that's what I call it. Thanks for taking a look, Peter

    Martin Flippers

    I've been very busy and I know I haven't posted in a while so here are a few of the latest creations. First, second and third are designs by Faisal Yamin, last one is my QSB design. Various materials and finishes making each its own individual knife, thanks for taking a look and I wish everybody...