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  1. sybo

    Last one of the year

    The more I look at it the more I love it!! I would love to feel it in my hand. Great job Sir!
  2. sybo

    Redwood Burl Belt Knife...

    That’s pretty much the Shiznit!!!!!!!
  3. sybo

    Katar by Andrew Meers MS

  4. sybo

    Hunter/Utility in bronze and ironwood

    Beautiful knife!!I understand, sometimes it just comes together doesn’t it!
  5. sybo

    Another skinner, acid etched

  6. sybo

    Damascus skinner.

    Love this knife!! And the steel!!!!!!
  7. sybo

    Satin, DIW Skinner

    Lovely! I’d say it “ turnt” out good!!
  8. sybo

    Rogue Kwaiken-Liontribe Designs

    Love this my friend!! Merry Christmas!!
  9. sybo

    “Trinity” by Jean-Louis Regel MS & more...

    There should be a complete “section” in the forum for examples like this ! SPECTACULAR!
  10. sybo

    Maringer Vorpal style tanto fighter

    Ben, that is a REALLY cool design! Love everything about it!! Merry Christmas!!
  11. sybo

    Small-ish knives

    Love them!, Merry Xmas!
  12. sybo

    Thinking outta the “Chefs-knife” box!

    Now I want some Goat tacos, cold beer and a beach!:cool: Merry Christmas all!!
  13. sybo

    Chef's Knife

    Tell me more about Nitro-V if you could please!
  14. sybo

    Latest Damascus projects!

    Found a nice piece of Alabama Damascus and thought I would do a couple of Fighter/Hunter designs. I should be able to get 4 nice ones! This is a pretty batch! So far I like these two blades...
  15. sybo

    Thinking outta the “Chefs-knife” box!

    He states he sometimes uses a hammer on the spine to “chop” through goat bones when cutting/ processing baby ones to eat............ I shutter.....
  16. sybo

    Thinking outta the “Chefs-knife” box!

    Customer stated he wanted something “beefy” when cutting meat. Its a little thick for my tastes also.
  17. sybo

    Thinking outta the “Chefs-knife” box!

    Moderators feel free to move this to the kitchen knife section if you see fit. !!
  18. sybo

    Thinking outta the “Chefs-knife” box!

    I have been playing around with some Kitchen cutters lately and have had some interesting comments from non-Knife community people. Can I get some opinions here from this amazing pool of talent! These are both CPM-154, stock removal, 8” and about 6”. PS, I DO like doing something...
  19. sybo

    DBKnives Chefs project! CPM-154 steel, part of a set I’m playing with! What says ye?
  20. sybo

    Hunter, Amboyna burl

    this is an example of a PURDY knife!!