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  1. DiverTexas

    Big Ern in the Feb Blade !!!

    This can only help the value of my Swanson knife. Congrats Ernie!
  2. DiverTexas

    first knifes at blade... sold

    Congrats on the sales and the kind gesture from Mr. Omachearley. Great looking pieces as well.
  3. DiverTexas

    Knife #18 - Mother's Day present

    Looks great, she should be happy with it.
  4. DiverTexas

    Feather damascus dressed in ironwood burl!

    Wow, that is truly a work of art.
  5. DiverTexas

    #19, Elmax test knife, couple firsts for me.

    You have sure come a long way Ernie. I'm proud to be one of your first customers.
  6. DiverTexas

    Desert Ironwood Gentleman's Knife

    Absolutely stunning Travis, well done.
  7. DiverTexas

    Anyone here try Cowry X yet?

    Thanks for the info c-9. Can you explain what you mean by extreme grinding?
  8. DiverTexas

    Anyone here try Cowry X yet?

    I've got a customer that has already bought a 12" X 2" X 1/4" piece of it for $200 and wants me to make a knife for him. I have never used this steel and know absolutely nothing about it. Anyone here familiar with it at all?
  9. DiverTexas

    The Story of the Nessmuk Knife

    Interesting piece of history as well as a beautiful knife.
  10. DiverTexas

    Pewter skull Giveaway

    In, thanks for the chance!
  11. DiverTexas

    Take a look at him

    Dang nice buck there.
  12. DiverTexas

    I am still here

    Hope things get better for you Ernie, happy holidays.
  13. DiverTexas

    EDC in CPM154 and Amboyna Burl

    Very nicely done.
  14. DiverTexas

    My first time using antler.

    Turned out great, really like the filework too.
  15. DiverTexas

    Stabilizing Input Wanted....

    Hi Bill, I have done business with you in the past. Nice to see you here.
  16. DiverTexas

    Smoke for a fine Lady...

    Smoke and prayers sent.
  17. DiverTexas

    Happy Veterans Day

    Many thanks to all that have served and those who continue to serve. God speed.
  18. DiverTexas

    "Thorshammer" fom Iceland

    Beautiful work.
  19. DiverTexas

    Free Burl Every Saturday

    Thanks for the chance, in.
  20. DiverTexas

    Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block

    I'm in, thanks for the chance.