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  1. Drop Point

    A couple just finished

    Here is a couple I just finished for some customers.The first is my B&T.440C hand rubbed to 600grit.Desert Ironwood w/red liner,1/8" ss pins.Blade is 3 1/4" OAL is 8". Next is my DK-18.D2 hand rubbed to 400grit.Handle is white linen micarta w/ red liner,1/4" ss pins and tube.Blade is 3 1/2",OAL...
  2. Drop Point

    Purple Heart Skinner

    Hey Guy's,here is one I just finished for a customer. It's my DK-10(Mountain Man)2 finger skinner.Blade is 440C hand rubbed to 400grit.Tapered tang(didn't show real good in pic) Handle is purple heart,hand rubbed oil finish.White liner w/SS & Brass mosaic pins.Sheath is custom hand made by a...
  3. Drop Point

    Lacewood Skinner

    Here is one I just finished. 440C,hand rubbed to 400grit.Lacewood handles w/brick red spacer. 1/4" SS hardware. This was the first time I've ever used Lacewood. I like the way it turned out. Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking,Davin
  4. Drop Point

    Not so new

    I joined Knife Dogs back in Feb.2010,and have just gotten around to introducing myself. I'm like most everybody here. I love knives! My obsession went from collecting to making. And I've done it for a few years. Like some of you I do it as a hobby. I take orders and build a few in between. I'm a...
  5. Drop Point

    Some of my latest

    I've been looking at the other knife makers knives on here for awhile, and enjoy looking at the pics. Thought it was about time to give back. These are some of my latest. Thanks,Davin