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    Giveaway promo Liner Lock WIP

    This is my first attempt at a WIP and I am not sure where pictures and text will end up. The package arrived and this was in it- Here was the packing list- I started marking knife and cutting off excess material- Trial assembly- end view- Working on stops- and Somewhere...
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    Wa handle dimensions?

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this question, f it isn't please move it. I have two knives I want to put wa handles on. One is quite small and the other a bit larger. I will add dimensions later from house. Any help happily accepted. Thanks, Fred
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    Surface grinder conversion to belt from stone

    After seeing all those nice tools that you guys have made, I was ready to order a part, when I remembered having something similar in the bottom of a drawer. I pulled it out and , cheapskate that I am, wondered if I could somehow use it without altering it in any way. Who knows, it might have...
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    usa knifemaker HT oven?

    If you already have a pid controller set up, is there any reason that you could not use it to control the kd 8414 oven? Plug the oven into your control box with two SSRs, one for each hot leg and pid plus thermocoule hook up, and the oven into your NEMA 6-15P 15amp 250v plug, 9 amp source...
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    O1 ??

    Hello, I have recently heat treated 4 blades made from O1. The forge stayed between 1425 to1475. A propane forge b There was considerable damage to the exterior of the blanks. I held them to a 15 min soak. Blade where 5/32nd to 3/16th thick. How can I minimize that damage? I am...
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    Chase Pattern leather splitter-need photo/info

    Hello, I won a Chase pattern LS a while ago on ebay and started cleaning it up. I had to put it on a backburner but would like to finish it and be able to use it. I made a new blade for it that is not heat treated yet. I used O1. I need photos or information about the bottom roller. My...
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    Temperature fluctuation?

    Hello, I recently put together a pid controller in a small tool box and can finally get a read out of what temps I actually have in my 2 brick forge. It is essentially a copy of Len Lunstroms(spelling?). I was watching the temperature stabilize at say 1475 and it would stay there for a few...
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    Number 6 and 7, please critique.

    George, Tactically Sharp, was nice enough to photo 6 and 7 for me. #5 is phone photo. Added #5 as an after thought. 5- 6- O1, Black Palm handle, homemade brass Loveless bolts. 7- 5160, Oak handles, SS ferrules. Thanks, Fred PS # 5 turned into a large knife shaped object. Has a cracked blade.:(...
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    Best and safest way of getting rid of galvanizing?

    I picked up a couple of small water tanks that would make great forges. Unfortunately they are galvanized. I am considering using paint stripper, and then cutting off one or both ends and putting it in some sort of fire outdoors. All advice welcome. Thanks, Fred
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    Belt movement adjustment?

    Hello, Can someone tell me what causes the belt to move side on the wheel. I have tried to align all three or 4 wheels, several times and I can't get rid of it. :12:I have a KGB clone with a gas strut. Drive wheel,tracking adjustment, and wheels on my flat platten. I also have a small wheel...
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    Number 4 for me, first time I post pictures

    Hello, I have finally finished some knives and here is # 4- O1 steel, 3" blade, 4" handle 7/16th at thickest point. brass homemade loveless bolts, has snap retainer in handle. Cocobolo handle. Sharpened top and bottom. Sheath is my 4th. Hope you like. Fred
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    Zoe Martin, Bob Engnaths daughter ?

    Hello, Does anybody know how to contact Zoe Martin, Bob Engnaths daughter? I tried using the email address on the Engnath website and it keeps bouncing . I just tried a second one I found there and it also bounced. I want to send her some photos. Thanks for the help, Fred Moderators, if...
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    1/16th by 4 or 4.5 ATS-34

    Hello, I would like a small piece of 1/16Th by 4 or 4.5 ATS -34 steel. I would like it to be about 9 inches long, but if it is half the length, that still gives me something to experiment with. I could not find it on a normal knife maker supply house listing. Thanks for looking. Fred
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    Need advice about removing handles

    Hi, The title says all. I have a knife that I need to reheat treat. I thought that it was fine, but I suspect that it did not harden completely. It is a round knife for leather work and one point seems to be unhardened. Maybe it happened during heat treat and maybe I let it get too hot while...
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    Leather belt ??

    What is the best way to join the ends of a leather belt? I made a 1 by 42 leather belt for stropping on my grinder. It was an old belt blank that I had laying around. I skived the ends and used barge cement to glue it together. It worked for a while. but blew apart today on me(VERY EXCITING...
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    Micarta ?

    Hello, I have a piece of Micarta that I recently found in the bottom of a tool box drawer in the shop. I thought that it was either a brown or red micarta and decided to use it on a knife that I was in a hurry to make. When I started machining it and grinding and sanding the exterior finish...