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  1. Ebbtide

    My mods and kit blades

    While I don't have a shop to actually make knives, I do have a workbench where I like to finish kit blades, rescue old users and do a little knife modding, or, as I like to think of it… hot rodding :) And leather… all the leather is my own work. Kit blades Most of the Bagwell mods on a...
  2. Ebbtide

    Western W46-8 rescue and new sheath

    Picked up a W46-8 on the other forum a couple of months ago. As I received it... After some TLC and with new pants
  3. Ebbtide

    New 'old' knife

    Bruce Evans made this knife as one of his JS test knives that he brought to Atlanta in 2006. He passed the tests and got his stamp. Back then I really wanted this knife, but didn't have the funds. When it popped up on the For Sale section of the 'other' knife forum I jumped on it so fast I...
  4. Ebbtide

    Catching up on my sheath photos

    Some of the sheaths are new, some a year old. Just took some new photos on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Snody TX Hunter kit blade Buck General Joel Bolden Vest Pocket Bowie "Bagwell-ized" Western W49 PJ Tomes Kitchen Knife Thanks for looking!
  5. Ebbtide

    Modular frogs

    I don't get to carry my big knives often, but I like to be prepared :biggrin: Here are two frogs that work with my sheaths that I've made with Sam Browne studs. An over the shoulder "huckleberry" rig based loosely on the WW2 USGI tanker holster. And a crossdraw belt rig. Any of these...
  6. Ebbtide

    Some of my sheaths

    Here's a look at some of my leather work. Questions and comments always welcome. Thanx for looking!
  7. Ebbtide

    Greetings from The Big Apple!

    Hey all, Ebbtide aka Wally here. My friend Bruce Evans told me about this place and that I should join up. So here I am! Some of you know me from bf.c, and kf.c (long ago). Looking forward to learning and participating.