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    Loveless drop hunter finished

    Well I finally had time to finish this knife up. I haven't kept track but I have probably made somewhere around 20 knifes at this point. Until I really clean up the mistakes I still consider myself a rookie though. First off I have to give credit to Mr. Loveless for the incredible design of this...
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    unknown steel heat treat

    Hello, I know this is a tired subject but looking for possible help. I have a bunch of knife blade blanks. (30-40 of them) They look like Spyderco folder blades with the big Spyderco hole in them. A friend of mine gave them to me and he said he got them from a garage sale. I am currently talking...
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    Damascus skinner WIP

    Hello all, Been a long time since I've been hanging out here. I've gotten a few knives done in the time I've been gone. They have mostly been a tactical fighter style I came up with. I have given these away to a few friends and family who are in the military and one is in Afghanistan with a...
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    Rookie etching question

    I'm about to try my first etching project. My rookie question is do you etch prior to or after heat treat?
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    Gallstone surgery?

    I hate posting this here but I am asking as many people as I can for their experience. I had a gallstone attack a couple of months ago and was told I needed to scehdule to have it removed. Doing a little research I have found many differing opinions anywhere from they should have done it long...
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    Stabilized or not

    Can some one give me the basics on the when and why I need to used stabilized woods. Also what about other materials such as bone or horn etc. Thanks. Jeff
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    Sheath or no sheath

    Do you sell your knives with or without sheaths. I dont have time to start trying to make sheaths for my knives right now so I took one over to a guy that does great leather work. He wants $50.00 for a pouch style friction sheath. I dont think this is unreasonable at all because I know the...
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    Second knife done

    Well I got number two done. Definitly some improvement and I'm much happier with this one. However, I've got to take more time on sanding for my mirror finish. I ended up with some scratches still left in the blade and bolsters. I built a pin press from Boss's plans and I thought the bolsters...
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    Other stainless options

    While reading the thread started about stainless steels by the weatherman, I two questions of my own that Ive been wondering about. I didnt want to hijack his thread so here goes. 1. Is there a stainless that I can easily heat treat at home in my Evenheat kiln? 2. Do all stainless steels need...
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    My first knife and Kirinite handles

    Well, where do I begin with this. First off I'm a little embarresed to post pictures of this knife. The only reason I am posting pics is because in a year I hope to compare the difference in my knives and also because I won the Kirinite handles from the drawing and I promised to post pics of...
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    My first two grinds

    Finally profiled and ground my first two blades. Many lessons learned on these two already. I think that after I finish these two I will refine my knife templates a bit and I definitly need to work on my plunge cuts/lines. The larger knife is also 1 1/2" wide and I think I might need a little...
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    Propane tank quench tank

    I am considering making a quench tank out of a standard gas grill sized propane tank since I have a couple of out of date ones sitting around. Does anybody have any ideas, experience or concerns (other than the obvious making sure its empty before cutting) with this. Also, for quenching 1084 am...
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    steel thickness for knives

    Just wondering what steel thickness most people prefer. I ordered some 1/4" 1084 but I'm afraid it might be just a bit thick. Do most people use 1/4, 3/16 or 1/8". I plan on building mostly hunting/skinner types of knives using a NWG and right now I have an 8" contact wheel. Thanks.
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    heat treating and tempering 1084 for beginner

    I am going to be heat treating my first knife soon (1084) I have purchased a kiln (thanks USAKMS) and the heating part seems pretty strait forward but I have a few questions. First, does 1084 need to be foil wrapped for heat treating. Second, I have been reading that the tempering sequence...
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    Help identify these three please

    Was hoping someone could help me ID these knives. The first one is the knife that got me interested in knives in the first place. This was given to my dad in the 70's by a german man. I was young but I remember him telling my dad it was a Gurka (???) I think. He also siad the handle was Ivory...
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    NWGS progress

    My NWGS is coming along now. Just wanted to share a couple of pics. Sorry about the bad quality but I have to head off to my part time job here in a couple of minutes. Thanks to Tracy for the plans and the assistance.
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    Rookie blade finish question

    Sorry if this is a real basic question and I've been looking on the different forums for info on this but not finding it. One of the finishes I am intersted in trying is the dark steel finish on a blade like what is on a K-BAR. What exactly is this finish and what is the process for getting this.
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    what belt grits

    Any recommendations for belt grits, kinds and how many to have on hand for a beginner. I am almost done with my NWGS and want a good selections of belts for it. I am planning on starting on a hunter or skinner using the stock removal method.
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    Making knives from files

    Like the title says, I was wondering who has made knives from files or really, horse shoeing rasps. I saw some custom knives made from them that I thought were very nice. What is your experience with this. Do you need to temper the files before you work on them. I am assuming the files are too...
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    Just introducing myself from Colorado. Been wanting to build knives for a while since a friend of mine showed me one he made. It wasn't spectacular but I've always loved knives so I thought i would give it a try. Been saving a bit of money from a part time job I have so I decided it was time to...