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  1. Deltashooter

    First stock removal knife

    Well after about six months and about that many sacrificed blades. I came up with this little knife that will really work. It started as a 1/8” thick saw blade, that I wasn’t sure what the metal was, so I cut out a blank, ground it, heat treated and full quenched in oil, then broke it to have...
  2. Deltashooter

    Good Eats

    Finally a weekend without working on something, the yard or the garden. Just laid around in the pool and smoked. Got up Saturday morning and fired up the smoker/grill. Trimmed the pork shoulder. Seasoned it with a homemade rub. Grabbed a beer, for the water pan and added apple wood...
  3. Deltashooter

    Saved from the shop stove.

    A couple of pieces of cherry. And this old oak knot. Might just find a handle or two in there:biggrin:
  4. Deltashooter

    March Meeting

    Well we had our monthly get together last night with 25 plus in attendance. I pull up and JP is a flipping burgers and a rolling dogs. What, Dustin isn’t here? So I grab me a dog HOT off the grill and go in to find Lin Rhea, Murph, and Dustin standing around bumping their gums. So that’s...
  5. Deltashooter

    A little different

    Here is a little piece that I started playing around with about a year ago. A buddy brought me a Chevy 4x4 transfer case chain and wanted to make a damascus knife out of it. So we made up a couple of billets and he lost interest in it, and in knife making. Well sometime last summer I...
  6. Deltashooter

    1st AKA shop visit for 2011

    First shop-visit / hammer-in of the year. Saturday 3/12 was the first scheduled shop-visit for the AKA. It was in the new blacksmith/metal casting shop at UALR. I have no idea how many people/students stop by to watch but there was a nice crowd that attended. Here is part of the people...
  7. Deltashooter

    Quite Sunday in the country

    Yea Right! Well Murph got kicked out of the house Sunday. I felt sorry for the Dawg so I had him come out to my shop for a little Heat an Beat just to ease his mind. It had been awhile since I had forged anything and boy was it obvious. That hammer looked like a beagle pup on its first...
  8. Deltashooter

    White Bird

    Well some here don’t think that I have a tuff job. The pay is good, the hours are good, but the benefits ….. well there are just too many to list. But yesterday my boss comes up to me and wants me to run an errand with him at LUNCH ! Can you believe he would have the gall to ask me to do...
  9. Deltashooter

    Kershaw Pair

    For sale: Pare of Kershaw fix blade knives. The eagle is approximately 10 ¾” long with the blade length of 5” to the wing. The ram is approximately 12 7/8” long with the blade length of 6 ½” to the horn. Never used or sharpened. Both have serial #3260. This was a set of 5,000. $ 275.00 plus...
  10. Deltashooter

    Proud Papa!

    Boy, get a 4 day weekend and it has been busy, well for the first 2 days anyway. Have an AKA get-together Thursday night and Murph is going to make it. Finally get to meet him, we are planning on being there 4ish before the meeting starts. Get a call from Murph and he’s a couple of hours out...
  11. Deltashooter

    Sausages Recipes

    OK guys what is some of your favorite sausage recipes? Not the ones you buy in the store prepackaged, but some homemade sausage. I have about 300 pounds of venison to start grinding this weekend and would like to get some different favorites from ya’ll. I normally mix 3 parts venison to 2...
  12. Deltashooter

    Central Arkansas Shop Visit

    :thumbup1:Just received this email about a visit and thought some of you guys just might like to come. Saturday, September 18 at 29 Collins Industrial Pl bldg 1-A. Arkansas Knife Makers Association is sponsoring a shop visit from 10:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Mastersmiths Ron Newton...
  13. Deltashooter

    Hey Where Do You Live ?

    Well Keith Willis ask me what town do I live in in another thread. So I thought it would nice to see where some of ya'll live. Me, in the country on a farm :rolleyes:, It's close to a little crossroads community named Furlow. That's 10 miles East of Jacksonville, or 10 miles south of Cabot...
  14. Deltashooter

    Just another Arky

    Well been hangin around here since the Little Rock show and decided I had better say HI. Not a knife maker, that's for sure, but I do like making them. Have been trying for about the last year an a half. My real job is Sales/Tech for a company that sells European woodworking machinery...