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    Prayer request.

    My wife and I are both being treated for lyme. It is a blessing in a way because I have had it for a long time and did not know what it was, this way I at least know what I have. She had the bulls eye around a tick bite so it was easier to tell what she had and I have had the same symptoms for...
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    New gas forge vertical or horizontal?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each, I hope to do some heat treating of simple steel blades, 1080 or 84, forge some blades and in time make some demascus. I have a very small horizontal forge and want something bigger. Thanks, Ed
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    To all the Vet's, THANK YOU!!!!

    Thank you for being willing to serve your country (each of us) with your life. Again thanks. To the wives, husbands, children, mom's and dad's, thank you for what it cost you for your person to serve. To the Vet's who served in Nom forgive us as a country for not thanking you sooner. Ed
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    how many use a porch or outside area as part of knife shop?

    I am in the process of adding on to my blacksmith shop to make it easier to get into knives. The problem is the inspector called this morning and said I can't add on to the side because of a string of reasons and I can only add on to the front. I can only come out 8' with the full width of 14'...
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    Sit down grinder vertical same height as horizontal idea.

    Do to health reasons I need to fix the Grinder in a box I am building so that I can grind sitting down. The thing I am working on now is how to make it the same height when it is in the vertical and horizontal positions. I know I can figure it out but don't want to re-invent the wheel. Thanks...
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    220 switch for grinder and shop vac

    Just got a push button 110-220 v switch for my 110 v belt grinder. It is two switches side by side with one set of buttons working them both. I plan on using a shop vac with a cyclone separator for dust collection. I am thinking of using the switch on the grinder and the other side to a plug...
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    Something to think about.

    You can't get to heaven by following Jesus. Ed
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    Hello from valley of Va.

    Have been learning to blacksmith for about 3 years now and belong to the local guild. Have worked on forging a couple of knives but still have a lot to learn. hope to get one to the finish line yet. Health keeps me from working in the shop in the summer or winter. trying to enlarge the shop...