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    I haven't posted in a looong time.

    ...but I have been making knives This is what I've been doing since my last post and I think it picks up from the last one I posted. The one with the blue liners is currently on the bench. Not a lot of quantity, I have a full time job... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
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    First hamon!

    It was there, I was was gone, I's there. It isn't as prominent as I would like (how do I go about making it show more btw?) I have been staying up way past my bedtime working on this and it apparently paid off. Just when I had almost given up, it showed up. Sorry...
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    More hamon questions.

    As some of you may know, I recently did a differential heat treat on a 1095 blade...and I could see the hamon after hitting it with some emery it was there.... Now I can't see it.I left an almost unreasonable amount of meat to grind off (I thought it was around .05 but a jig...
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    About to take the plunge.

    ...into oil...see what I did there? Anyway, I have a 1095 blade beveled to roughly. 045 thickness at the edge at 240 grit and I clayed it up for a hamon (fingers crossed).I am doing my HT at work since we have all the necessary equipment and my supervisor is okay with it. The concerns that I...
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    This might come in handy.

    I came across this at work and took a picture to reference later and thought it may come in handy for some forum members too so I'm sharing. It's a chart of different colors of carbon steel at different temperatures. I'msure it would serve as a good baseline but there are bound to be...
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    Maybe it's because I'm new to knifemaking but I find myself needing stuff I don't have quite a lot. I am also not a rich man by any stretch of the imagination so I generally improvise or modify what I have. Does anyone else do this? Is there anything you improvised years ago that you still use...
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    My third blade.

    Not finished just yet, still needs the tung oil to cure and an edge but I'm excited about how the handle turned out so I'm sharing. O1 blade, cherry burl and buffalo horn scales with brass pins and lanyard tube. The polish is better than #2 but could be better and there's some goop from the...
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    Wax on scales?

    I just received an order of handle material from bell forest and a set of scales has wax on it... I have no idea where to go from here and I am beginning to feel foolish for asking since it is probably a non-issue for most folks but I'm not wood worker and the (limited) success I have had with...
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    More specifically, tapered fullers.... I saw a knife somewhere the other day with tapered "teardrop" fullers on it and thought to myself "self,we can do that"... so I headed for my calculator and did some trig and geometry to figure out depth/angle ratios and all that stuff that makes you feel...
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    My first two knives

    This is number one, made from an old file with buffalo horn scales, I made a plethora of mistakes and learned a lot. Here is number two, I tried to apply what I learned from number one to th his one and it turned out better but I discovered many new learning opportunities (to be applied to...
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    Hello from Mississippi

    Hello, my name is Ian. I'm very new to knifemaking (currently working on my 3rd blade).I have lurked a bit on here and found quite a bit of helpful information so I figured I should join so I might be able to find solutions to my specific mistakes/problems and hopefully one day be able to return...