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  1. jmforge

    410, 420 steel prices.

    So why do these these steels so expensive? I found 2 sources, Alro and McMaster Carr that has 420 bars for hundreds of dollars of like 1/4 inch x 2 inch flats 12-24 inches long. Like over $100 a pound!!! 410 was not quite so bad, but Jantz had stuff for lalmost $20 a pound!!!!!
  2. jmforge

    Japanese knife construction

    What is they type of Japanese knife construction called where you split a pice of low carbon steel or other cladding material and make a "taco" for lack of a better way of describing it and then insert and forge weld a high carbon core? I am talking about a blade where the spine is cladding...
  3. jmforge

    Cu mai?

    So what is the logic behind smashing copper, a substance that does not really harden, into a steel blade?
  4. jmforge

    Cowboy Outlaw.

    I know that the Outlaw machine has an adjustment for stirch lenght, but can it do the small stitches with finer thread like you would use to stitching inlay or lining material?
  5. jmforge

    L6 with Moly

    Does anyone know where to buy small quantities of a moly bearing L6 like Crucible Champaloy? I got a 1.25 inch round bar of the non moly stuff from Hudson Tool steel, but the "regular" L6 appears to be hard to find. Sure, I can pay $125 for a 2 inch by 6.5 inch drop from ALRO, but that seems a...
  6. jmforge

    Silly search engine

    I tried searching for L-6, L6, L 6 and the search engine tells me thta the terms L and 6 are "too short or too common" even when I add other words like knife or steel. When I add knife, steel or other temrns, it eliminated the L and the 6 from the search.
  7. jmforge

    Steel prices.

    Okay, you can call me old and crotchety even though I never had to walk more than a half mile to school and it was not uphill and there was rarely if ever snow. But answer me this. When did plain carbon "music wire" or "bandsaw" steel like 1080/84 and 15N20 like we use to make damascus start...
  8. jmforge

    Wet molding.

    A year or three back, I managed to score like 5 JRE "factory second" bushcraft sheaths from L.T. Wright. I have used one for my riff on a Kephart in 115W8 and black walnut. The sheath fits okay, but not great. I have 4 more of this blade pattern in .110 AEB-L waiting for heat treatment. Can...
  9. jmforge

    Toughness vs. Toughness

    Confusing? Sure, but bear with me. ;) Generally, when us knife making folks discuss toughness, we are talking about Charpy impact toughness. On the other hand, I suspect that when someone is looking at say one of those "hard to the core" high speed low drag differentially hardened 1095 tactical...
  10. jmforge

    30 minute bainite.

    A couple of years back, Larrin was talking about marquenching for bainite and discussed the possibility that a relatively quick say 30 minute soak right above Ms to get like an 80/20 martensite to bainite mix. IIRC, he was using 52100 as an example of a steel where this could work to some...
  11. jmforge

    Kydex and epoxied paracord.

    So how do you heat form a kydex sheath for a knife with an epoxied paracord handle without "melting" or otherwise degrading the epoxy?
  12. jmforge

    Press or hammer?

    I have been using my arguably less than adequate press for like 12 years and it’s time for something new. All things being equal like neighbor and noise factors, which do you think would be better if most of my work would be either forging blades or forge welding relatively simple Stuff like...
  13. jmforge

    Hunter and EDC fire sale.

    Okay, so no fire, just smokin' prices.:D Knife #1 is a 4 inch hunter with a .170 thick forged Cru Forge V blade, 60Rc with a mustard "raindrop"patina, stablized amboyna burl scales with ss Corbys. Treestump pouch sheath. $150 shipped to CONUS. Knife #2 is a 3.75 inch spear point EDC made from...
  14. jmforge

    couple of kitchen blades

    I haven't posted any pics on here in a long time, so I thought that I would show some kitchen knives that I completed recently. Both are AEB-L which I am really liking. The suji is 270mm with blackwood scales and blue G10 liners with SS micro-Corbys. The Gyuto is around 225mm with an old growth...
  15. jmforge

    Damascus boot/vest bowie SOLD

    This one has a little backstory. Around 2008, I made a little fun knife inspired by a one off Harvey Dean knife that i used to own. I had Paul Long make a sheath for it. Unfortunately, it was sitting on my bench out of the sheath when I was out of town and my shop roof decided to spring a leak...
  16. jmforge

    115W8 spear point bushie

    115W8 spear point bushy Price Drop This little guy is made from 115W8 tool steel. It is an old school German metal cutting saw blade steel. I sometimes refer to it as Hitachi Blue # 1.5 because it has a very similar chemical composition to Blue #2, but with a higher tungsten content, around 2...
  17. jmforge

    Little spearpoint bushie

    For your perusal and hopeful purchase we have a little spearpoint bushcraft blade. The blade is made from old school 115W8 German metal cutting bandsaw steel hardened to 62Rc. It is some tough stuff! The blade is 3.75 inches long by 1 inch wide by .140 at the ricasso. it has a belt finish. The...
  18. jmforge

    Zt 0560

    I have my personal ZT 0560 for sale. Elmax blade, ball bearing flipper action, etc, etc. I bought it a while back and it sat in the center console of my car all alone and in the dark. $175 to a good home, includes PayPal fee and USPS Priority to the Conus. :big grin:
  19. jmforge

    Big harpoon tip bowie.

    Big harpoon tip bowie…..Sold For sale 11 inch harpoon clip bowie made from 375 layer ladder pattern 1084/15N20 damascus. The fittings are made from blade material. The handle is stabilized redwood burl from Burl Source. No sheath. The angle of the picture makes the blade look...
  20. jmforge

    Thar she blows!!!!!

    NO, this is not a misplaced porn thread, ya pervs!!!:biggrin: I just thought that I would use a whaling reference because this is my first "harpoon" tip knife and also my first big recurve to boot. The blade is a hair under 11 inches long and made from 375 ladder 1084/15N20 ladder damascus...