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  1. DiverTexas

    Anyone here try Cowry X yet?

    I've got a customer that has already bought a 12" X 2" X 1/4" piece of it for $200 and wants me to make a knife for him. I have never used this steel and know absolutely nothing about it. Anyone here familiar with it at all?
  2. DiverTexas

    Double dressed my Nessys

    Finally got sheaths made for the BG and it's companion. Haven't dyed or oiled them yet, but the trial fit of the knives went pretty well. The stitching was much easier with the edge groover.
  3. DiverTexas

    Nessy with stabilized Buckeye

    #4 knife for me. Tried my hand at grinding a Nessmuck. 7 and 3/4" X 5/32 01 steel. Loved working with the Buckeye burl from Burlsource. Comments and criticism welcome.
  4. DiverTexas

    Double tempering of 01 steel

    I could have sworn I saw some info here on the benefits of double tempering 01 steel, but my searches have come up empty. I have been tempering my blades twice at 450 degrees for 1 1/2 hours each time with an hour cool down in between cycles. I had someone on another board tell me it was a...
  5. DiverTexas

    Rockwell testing

    Now that I'm making my own blades and doing my own heat treating, I'd like to have a blade tested to see how it ranks on a Rockwell hardness scale. Anyone here do that or know who I would contact for a test like that? Thanks in advance, Russell
  6. DiverTexas

    Finished my 3rd knife

    I got inspired after going to the Knife show this weekend. Got busy and finally finished my third knife. 01 steel, 7 7/8" OAL with a 3 1/2" blade. Stabilized Black Ash Burl with white spacers. I'm working on the sheath now, going to use some rattlesnake skin I have for it...
  7. DiverTexas

    I am stoked!

    Ernie I hope you don't mind, but I have to show off my latest purchase. I'm going to be the proud owner of an Ernie Swanson knife. I see big things in this makers future, and I am very proud to be fortunate enough to get one of his first knives. Many thanks Ernie for a job well done!
  8. DiverTexas

    Met my first Dog the other day

    Travis Fry (Wordsmith) was kind enough to invite me to come by while he was doing some grinding. I would highly recommend stopping by to meet him if you get the chance. Really nice down to earth guy with a passion for knifemaking. Learned quite a few tips from him while I was there that have...
  9. DiverTexas

    2nd knife finished

    Finished this one this weekend. Small skinner for a good friend. 6 3/4" overall with a 3" blade. 01 tool steel and stabilized Curly Maple. Thanks for looking.
  10. DiverTexas

    First knife completed

    Finally finished it up this weekend. 9 1/2" overall with a 4 1/2" blade. 3/16" 01 steel with a flat grind. Buckeye burl scales with Turquoise for the bolsters. Took a ton of pics because I was so excited to finally finish it...
  11. DiverTexas

    Lost my virginity

    To heat treating 01 steel. Did my first heat treating on some knife blades I made. I've got them tempering in an oven at the moment. A few pics of the process. My very basic set up with some fire bricks. Heating the steel up past 1450 degrees to a dull red glow...
  12. DiverTexas

    Toaster oven for tempering?

    The wife was less than thrilled when I told her my plans to use the oven for tempering my blades after HT. I seem to recall someone saying that you could use a toaster oven for tempering small and medium blades. Has anyone ever tried this or heard of it, or was it just my wishfull thinking?
  13. DiverTexas

    Economy knife display case

    Couldn't find one that was less than several hundres dollars, so I decided to make one myself. Ended up spending about $50 to make it. 2 8' 1"x4"'s 2-8' 1"x2"'s 1-2'x3' piece of peg board 1-2'x3' piece of 1/4" plywood 1-2'x3' piece of glass misc pegboard clips 1 sq. yd. of green felt...
  14. DiverTexas

    Rust inhibitors???

    Anyone here ever use them? I built a display case for my knives and started putting them in it last night. I pulled out the last Damascus from it's sheath and it was covered with surface rust. I know I probably shouldn't have left it stored in the sheath, but never dreamed it would have...
  15. DiverTexas

    Pentacryl wood stabilizer

    Anyone here use it or have any experience with it? I just got a pair of scales that were stabilized using it but have not started working with them yet. I'm curious how they hold up as opposed to a resin stabilized wood.
  16. DiverTexas

    Platen vs. Contact wheel...Help please

    I'm in the process of grinding my first blade. I have probably read and over read too many tutorials and books for my own good. There seems to be a vast difference of opinions on how and where to begin grinding the bevels on the blade. At this point I have used nothing but the platen to...
  17. DiverTexas

    First attempt at inlay

    Didn't turn out perfect, but it didn't turn out too bad either.
  18. DiverTexas

    Some questions for the pros here

    I got my grinding tables all set up now and started on my first blade. I think I should have notched my plate that will cut the bevel on the blades the same way as I did on the one at the contact wheel. Is that right? Second question is on the contact wheel table location. Should the...
  19. DiverTexas

    Bandsaw speed question

    I ended up getting the Harbor freight bandsaw that was posted about earlier here. I will be cutting 1/8" and 3/16" 01 steel blanks with it. It is able to run on 3 speeds, 80, 120 and 200 FPS. What would be the best speed to use for the cutting of the blanks?
  20. DiverTexas

    Optimum sharpening angle

    Just curious what everyone considers to be the best angle to sharpen knives to. I've always used a Lansky system and use 25 degrees for my skinners and 20 degrees for my kitchen knives. What do you consider to be the optimum angle for either?