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  1. Jim Adams Customs

    8" Chef's Knife done with CPM S35VN with Black and Blue G10

    This is another of my Chef's Knives, The design and look of this knife makes it one of my favorite. The steel is incredible. Professional Heat Treated by Peter's Knife is 100% Guarantee. Blade is CPM S35VN heat treated by Peter's Heat Treat, .093" Thick 8'' Long with a Flat grind...
  2. Jim Adams Customs

    Latest Chef Knife Done in CPM S35VN

    Boss Gave me three days. So I made this. I been wanting to make a kitchen knife of this quality. Blade is CPM S35VN heat treated by Peter's Heat Treat, .093" Thick 8'' Long with a convex grind with secondary edge for easy sharpening. Knife is 12.5 Overall Handle is Jade G10 Pins are 1/4...
  3. Jim Adams Customs

    My latest Chef Knife

    Damascus Chef's Knife I love cooking so this is natural progression for me. Blade is .070" Brad Vice Alabama Damascus RC is 57-58. Grind is a Flat Grind with a Secondary Edge. Blade Length is 7 3/4'' Overall is 12'' Width is 2 1/8'' Construction is Full Tang Handle is Black and...
  4. Jim Adams Customs

    Combat Fighter

    I been wanting to do a large fighter. I also want everyone, that wanted this knife, to be able to own it. So I did not sharpen the top edge. The blade is Hollow ground 1/4 x 1 3/4 x 9'' Alabama Damascus by Brad Vice. The Guard is Nickle Silver. Hidden Beefy tang 1/4 x1 Construction...
  5. Jim Adams Customs

    Jim Adams Damascus Arkansas Toothpick

    I been wanting to do a large fighter. I also want everyone, that wanted this knife, to be able to own it. So I did not sharpen the top edge. My Warranty. I have a no non-sense Guarantee, you break it under normal use. I Promise I will fix or replace it as long as I am able to work in the...
  6. Jim Adams Customs

    Best Buffing Wheel for Titanium?

    Best Buffing Wheel for Titanium?
  7. Jim Adams Customs

    Chicken - White BBQ Sauce

    I won't cook chicken on the grill or smoker any other way. White BBQ Sauce, this is Northern Alabama favorite. The best way to use this sauce is is dip your chicken in it from the start, and dip it few times as it cooks. NOTE: Do not use the sauce you dipped in on your table, It is full of...
  8. Jim Adams Customs

    Best Production Knife I ever seen or used by Knifemakers

    I am inspired By the show "The best thing I ever ate." Where chefs talk about the best food they have ever ate. List your favorite or favorites. 1. Spyderco Bill Moran VG 10 Drop Point 2. CRK Sebenza 3. Kershaw Chive
  9. Jim Adams Customs

    Small Bearing Sets. Lets call it LSBS or Lazy Susan Blade System LOL

    Small Bearing Sets. A friend turned me on to this. McMaster Carr has a small bearing set for 3/16 Pivot Pin. It dimensions are ID is 3/16 x OD 1/2 x 1/16 Thick. You use a 1/2 counterbore with 3/16 Pilot. Part Number: 6655K32
  10. Jim Adams Customs

    IKBS bearing System

    Anyone using the IKBS? I ordered the stuff to do it. Any tricks or helpful hints
  11. Jim Adams Customs

    Favorite Fixture

    What is your favorite fixture? Mine is my screw plate. I have an 1/8 1095 plate 2'' x 3''. I drilled and tapped small screw holes so I can easily shorten screws for folders. I screw the screws in and grind off the extra.
  12. Jim Adams Customs

    Folder Pivot Pin Clearance?

    What is a good clearance on blade and pivot pins?
  13. Jim Adams Customs

    My New EDC.

    My very First Folder. Just finished my new EDC. I been wanting a New EDC. I been carrying a Buck Rush. But I wanted my own knife. Well I have it finally. It said the last person to carry his own knives are knife makers. Blade is ATS 34 Hollow Ground Blade Length is 3'' Overall is 7...
  14. Jim Adams Customs

    Need Emergency Cash! My loss is your gain.

    I have to come up with money immediately. I had a purveyor back out and I need to raise $1000.00. I could go pay on high interest loan or I could just past the saving on to you. All include custom leather sheaths. $10.00 shipping on all CONUS orders. Actually shipping overseas shipping...
  15. Jim Adams Customs

    Buffers, Maybe The Most Dangerous Machine In Your Shop.

    Nothing will wake you up faster than having sharpen knife flying across your shop.
  16. Jim Adams Customs

    Damascus Integral Sub Hilt Fighter - Another

    Integrals are made from a single piece of steel. They are challenging for the maker. You have to think about every aspect. They take about four times as long to make as it counterpart. So you ask why? Because they are stronger. They have no Joints to fail. It is the best construction...
  17. Jim Adams Customs

    Damascus Integral Sub Hilt Fighter

    Damascus Integral Sub Hilt Fighter. I been wanting to build this for over two years. It all started when I read Blade's article on Integrals. It was all over at that point. This is Ultimate Build for a Stock Removal Maker. Taking 26 pounds of steel and turn it into 14 oz knife. Warranty...
  18. Jim Adams Customs

    Just finished - Damacus Integral Sub hilt

    3/16 thick Random Damascus is Alabama Damascus By Brad Vice. Grind is Hollow Ground, top swedge is not sharpen. Blade Width is 1 1/2''. Cutting Edge is 6''. Overall Length is 11 1/2'' Construction is Integral. Handle is Imitation Mastodon Ivory.
  19. Jim Adams Customs

    Heat Treating CPM 154

    I tried to heat treat couple of CPM154 blades and they only harden to about 41 RC. I could use all the help I can get. What is the best way to heat treat it.
  20. Jim Adams Customs

    Researching for a project on Knifemaking

    I have started a list of famous Knifemakers for project I am working on. Feel free to add to the list. I know I have missed a bunch. i like to keep the list to 25 makers. 1. James Black 2. William Scagel 3. Bo Randall 4. Buck? 5. Bob Loveless 6. Buster Warenski 7. Bob Lum 8. Bill Moran 9...