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  1. Eric Poris

    Recurve with Skull Crusher

    For your consideration is a recurve model I designed. 10.5" (26.7 cm) OAL 5.25" (13.3 cm)cutting edge hollow ground on my 14" contact wheel Blade 1 3/16" (3 cm) tall Steel: 440C High Chromium Martensitic Stainless Steel Rc 59-61 with cryo Machine finish (not quite a mirror finish) Black Paper...
  2. Eric Poris

    12" of Shiny, Stabby, Recurvey Steel

    For your consideration is a recurve Bowie I made. Just over 12" (30.5 cm) OAL 7.5" (19 cm) from Ricosso to tip hollow ground 1.5" (3.8 cm) at the tallest point Steel: CPMS30V High Vanadium Martensitic Stainless Powder Metal Technology Tool Steel Rc 59-61 with cryo Machine Satin finish...
  3. Eric Poris

    Double Edge Tactical Fixed Blade - PRICE REDUCED

    Still looking for a home for this bad boy. Thanks for looking.
  4. Eric Poris

    Barlow Slip Joint -PRICE REDUCED

    This slip joint still needs a home. Thanks for looking.
  5. Eric Poris

    Double Edged Tactical Blade For Sale

    Double Edged Tactical model I came up with. I love the grind on this blade. OAL: 11.5" Blade: 6.5" of main cutting edge and 5.5" cutting edge Hollow ground on both sides Steel: S30v RC 60 by Brad at Peter's Heat Treating Black and blue 2x2 layer G10 scales SS corby bolts Full tapered tang...
  6. Eric Poris

    Barlow Slip Joint

    Barlow Slip Joint :::Price reduced::: Here is a Barlow slip joint folder I just finished up. She is ready for a new home. Specs: Open: 5.75" Closed: Just over 3.25" Blade: 2.5" long 3/32" thick ATS-43 steel heat treat and cryo by me to RC 60-61 Mill relieved SS liners 416 SS bolsters and pins...
  7. Eric Poris

    Slip Joint #1

    This is my first slip joint folder. It works, and that is all I wanted at this point in time. Nothing fancy. Spring is flush at all three points, open, closed and half stop. Pictures didn't turn out too great. I want to thank Craig Brewer for dressing the stone wheel I used for the nail...
  8. Eric Poris

    Artisan 688 Rampmaster Trouble

    So I just got an Evenheat Artisan 688 with the rampmaster controller. I went to set up my first heat treat on a blade that is CMP154 and the recipe calls for 1900 degrees. I start to develop the recipe and for some reason the controller will not let me put in a temp higher than 1800 degrees...
  9. Eric Poris

    My latest

    Hey all, Here is my latest work. This is for my sister who wanted a med size kitchen knife. I'm not too fond of the color but she loves it so I guess that's all that matters. I would normally put a mirror finish on a knife but I'm sure this will be tossed in the dishwasher a thousand times...
  10. Eric Poris


    Hey Dogs, Where do you guys get the pins for your razors? I'm fixin' to make a few and don't remember ever coming across any special pins for straight razors. Any info would be great! Thanks, EP
  11. Eric Poris

    Fresh off the bench!

    Feels like its been forever since I finished a knife and boy does it feel good. Just got done with this one tonight. Orange G10 hunter hollow ground to a mirror shine. Should make for a great hunting knife that is hard to lose ;) OAL = 9.25" Blade = 5.25" (4'' cutting edge) Handle = orange...
  12. Eric Poris

    Orange Hunter

    Up for Sold! is an obnoxious orange full tang hunter. This blade is hollow ground on a 14" wheel and 3/16" thick. OAL = 9.25" Blade = 5.25" (4'' cutting edge) Handle = orange G10 (4") Steel = CPM 154CM mirror finish Hardware = 416 SS pins Nickel/Silver Thong Hole Tube Weight = 7.9 oz Sheath =...
  13. Eric Poris

    Harden 5160 and 15n20 damascus

    So I picked up some damascus scraps and I'm trying to grind small blades out of a few of the scraps. Is there an easy way to get this damascus relatively hard? Can I just heat it up with a small propane torch and quench it in motor oil or something? I'm not looking to get this stuff to 60RC...
  14. Eric Poris

    Knife #2

    Hey Dogs Here is my second completed knife. I like the blade but think I my change the handle a bit to incorporate a striker end. First time using this color G10 so I really didn't know what to expect. SPECS: Steel: CPM 154CM HRC 60-61 Pins: 416 SS Thong hole tube: Nickel Silver...
  15. Eric Poris

    First completed knife

    Sup All, Well, here we have my first completed stock removal. I know, I know...I missed my calling as a photographer :52: Specs: Steel: CPM 154CM (heat treated 60-61 by Brad, THANKS BRAD!) Pins: 416 SS OAL: 9.25" Blade Length: 4.5" Handle material: blue and black 2X2 layer G10...
  16. Eric Poris

    Surface Grinding

    Sup Dogs! I wanted to get your guys input on any techniques used to surface grind your own stock. I prefer to buy my steel from a Admiral Steel as they are so close to me shipping is really cheep and its bulk making it cheaper still. I am going through belts like there is no tomorrow using my...
  17. Eric Poris worthy of heat treating

    Hey All, Just wanted to get some feedback from everyone. I have been busy in the shop learning how to use my NWG and here is what I have to show for it. Started with a .25" thick bar of CPM154 and got it down to about 3/16" thick. The edge isn't perfectly flush with the wheel, but...
  18. Eric Poris

    First Stock Removal

    Sup Dogs, So I just got my grinder up and running last night. Naturally, I was up until the wee hours of the morning practicing on it with wood paint sticks. I then decided hell with it, and grabbed a piece of CPM154 then started grinding it. This is the result. I have read a bunch of...
  19. Eric Poris

    Does Sharpie Marker burn off while grinding?

    So I'm done with my first knife design and I want to transfer the design onto a metal billet. I cut an outline of the design using some graphing paper and then used some clear packaging tape to sort of laminate it. The idea was to tape the design onto the billet and then use a sharpie marker...
  20. Eric Poris

    Finally built up the courage to post a few pics

    So I Have put a few handles on a few knife blanks already, but this is the first one I am actually proud of. I just got a working camera again so I had to take a few pictures after many hours of field testing. Not the best pics so sorry if the flash is obnoxious, still learning my new camera...