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  1. Dan Pierson

    Peter Johnsson's exhibit

    Dedication to the Goddess
  2. Dan Pierson

    Just 'mucking around

    My "official" current project is a couple of heavier German-style chef's knives. A friend asked about one some time ago and I finally got around to starting it after being inspired by the Zombie butcher knife I did for the NT KITH last year. So I ordered some more 52100 from the Baron. Then...
  3. Dan Pierson


    These have been taking me forever to finish pre-HT. 15 kitchen and neck knives from .045 CPM-3V stock. They'll be off to Peter's tomorrow.
  4. Dan Pierson

    What have I gotten myself into?

    I've mentioned my "stainless project" a couple of times in passing. Basically, I decided to make a batch of kitchen knives out of stainless steel. Partly because having to do precise grinds on a bunch of blades will help me progress. Partly because my wife's fellow artists keep hoping that...
  5. Dan Pierson

    First knife forged in my own shop

    This is the middle of the three knives I've forged since winning that raffle. The first one completely forged in my own shop. Blade is yet more Aldo/Mace 1084. Handle is copper, WSSI stabilized redwood burl and WSSI stabilized spaulted holly. It too needs a sheath. Looks like May is...
  6. Dan Pierson

    First forged knife since the HI last year

    Started this one at the HI where I won the forge with T-Blade's help and finished the forging over at Justin's. Learned a lot from both of them -- Thanks guys! This was going to be a kitchen knife, just so that I could see how the steel and edge profile hold up in the kitchen but Donna...
  7. Dan Pierson

    This one's for me

    This represents several firsts: The first knife I've finished in over a year. The first forged knife out of the hot shop I set up last year. My first knife using Burl Source's wood. It's forged from some of Aldo and Mace's original 1084, silicon bronze guard and pin, Burl Source stabilized...
  8. Dan Pierson

    Hi Everyone

    I already know a bunch of you from bladeforums and hammer ins, but for those I haven't been fortunate enough to meet, hello :) I'm an amateur maker in Hudson, MA. Been very slowly doing stock removal for 6+ years now (finished about 28 knives in that time -- as I said, very slow). Won a...