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    Kyle Royer, MS ~ Black Beauty Fighter

    like my ancestors says .....ΟΥΚ ΕΝ ΤΟ ΠΟΛΛΩ ΤΟ ΕΥ
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    Big, Bad, Bowie, Build along!

    well i mostly forge my blades, but do that for two reasons! first becouse i enjoy that!, secondly by need....i mostly use scrap steels,like bearings or springs, but i have nothing against stock removal, i don't even find that they have any big difference from a forged blade,is just another...
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    I finished this up today.

    nice hunter !!!! my only objection if i can say,is for more pins maybe?
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    5160 fighter

    here is some photos to sow you the procedure of this blade. this is how everything began finished grindings and clean blade ready for clay startin create the clay startin the pre heating just after the quench, notice the strange face on the clay?????? still wet from the echant and...
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    5160 fighter

    Thanx a lot arock, your suspections are corect! This handle fit your palm like a glove especialy if you have a big size manly hand!
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    5160 fighter

    thanx and yeap it is big, to big for easy carry i'm affraid!!!
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    My first knife presented in Dog Knife

    stuning work pablo !!!!!and wellcome to the forum
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    5160 fighter

    hi all guys , here i want to introduce you my last knife, a big fighter that i made recently. blade from 5160 spring leaf scrap steel with differential hardening distal tapered. blade length 11,4 in. brass guard and pin. handle is judas tree wood at 5,5 in. overall 17 in. and a close...
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    Elmax Scout fighter and Maroon drop point

    both are great !!!! on your knives i'm starting to like these stone acid wash!!!!keep going pal!
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    Exactly what i wand to see!!! definetly into my taste! excellent work indeed! really very well done!!!!
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    The No Rules Bowie

    ok now i need at least a half hour to digest what i see !!!!!!!!!! man your skill is outrageous!!!!!!!!!
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    Some new knives off my work bench

    oh yes! very nice knives and out of the common rail, i love every each one!!!
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    A Simple Leuku

    it's very nice but.....not leuku, those type of knives called puuko, leuku are bigger and used mostly for choppin woods and other things wich need to chop. this is a typical leukuwith a puuko beside for comparison!
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    Big damascus and walnut.

    excellent constraction!!!!!!!!!!i like mostly the ricasso area
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    I love making knives

    ιi love it!!!
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    Stag Clam shell bowie {Big one for the OKCA show}

    oh man this is an eye trap!!!! this is one of the most harmonical knives i've ever seen!! well done indeed mate!!
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    My latest with Ivory

    ooohhhhh yeeeaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!excellent work!! i like very much the overall shape,i'm lookin farward to see it finished!
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    small hunter

    Thanx a lot guys for your suport
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    Mean little fighter- frame handle, take down

    WOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing! fantastic quality work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    small hunter

    small hunter+ seath hi guys, it past some time since my last post here, so i'm here now with a small hunter this time. alot of firsts in this knife! well is my first 1095 blade with first try for hamon and first time frame handle!, i was so excited with this project ho forgot to put my stamp...