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  1. John Barker

    Latest Large Hokkaido

    Here's my latest large Hokkaido. A framelock with 0.160" thick contoured Ti lock side with Ti liner, Chad's Whiplash Bolster, and some special tight weave carbon fiber on the presentation side. Yes, she's a lefty as well. The blade is stonewashed Elmax a little over 3/16" thick 3.75" long...
  2. John Barker

    A few folders recently finished.

    Here are a few folders recently finished. -John
  3. John Barker

    Hokkaido Folders

    Here's a few Hokkaidos I finished recently. -John
  4. John Barker

    Barker Tosa with 5" blade (pic heavy)

    This my Tosa with a 5" blade. Originally, I designed the Tosa to be a 6" blade. I scaled it down some and I am very pleased with the results. This one is about 0.190" thick at the ricasso. The blade is CPM S35VN with a high hollow grind and a tumbled finish. The scales are green and light...
  5. John Barker

    New Redesigned Ca De Bou Recurve

    I have been working on redesigning my Ca de bou Recurve for a while. I wanted to make some changes in the handle design for better visual flow and so the user could really have something to hang on to if they needed to use a lot of force. So this is what I came up with. It was tough to get good...
  6. John Barker

    Small Tosa for sale

    Barker Small Tosa for sale. The blade is CPM S35VN in bead blast with gray and black G-10 scales. The cutting edge is 4 3/8". The overall is about 9 1/4". It is just over 3/16" thick at the ricasso. It balances perfectly on the forefinger. It comes with a black kydex sheath and large tek-lok...
  7. John Barker

    Small Tosa

    For a while I've thought about scaling down my Tosa design. The full sized Tosa is just a big knife. It has a 6" cutting edge and is 12" long. It is a little large for most folks to EDC. I love the design and just wanted to make a more EDC friendly version. This is what I came up with...
  8. John Barker

    Elmax one off

    I was given this piece of Elmax a few months back to test out. I've been swamped with a million different things, but I managed to squeak out this sweet little EDC size tanto. It's based on my Tanto necker design but just a little bigger with a more modern American tanto grind. The blade has...
  9. John Barker

    Barker Hokkaido in Damascus and Carbon Fiber

    Barker Hokkaido in Chad Nichols San Mai Damascus with CPM 154 core and some sweet marbled carbon fiber. The blade has a 5.75" cutting edge and is 0.190" thick at the ricasso. Overall length is 11.0". Tapered tang. $625 shipped. If you want kydex for her add $25. Please post in the thread if...
  10. John Barker

    A little damascus and carbon fiber

    Here's my Hokkaido in Chad Nichols San Mai Damascus with CPM 154 core and some sweet marbled carbon fiber. The blade has a 5.75" cutting edge and is 0.190" thick at the ricasso. Overall length is 11.0". Tapered tang. Comments welcome. -John
  11. John Barker

    Barker Hokkaido Framelock Folder

    This is my Hokkaido in the folding version. This my second folder and first attempt at making a framelock and first time using damascus. Here's the specs: 3.75" cutting edge with Chad Nichols Stainless Whiplash Damascus 0.173" thick. Convexed tip. Frame is 0.160" thick Ti. Closed it...
  12. John Barker

    Barker Tosa with skull crusher

    I just finshed this one. It is the latest version of my Tosa. I changed the profile to give it a better flow. I think it looks "fast". The blade is CPM S30V 6.5" long and 3/16" thick at the ricasso with a bead blast finish. The swedge is sharpened. The scales are black G-10 with red...
  13. John Barker

    My first folder

    Here's my first folder. Just finished her up. It is a liner lock with 0.100" Ti liners with a bead blast finish. The blade is CPM 154 with a hand satin finish. The blade is 3/16" thick and has a 4" cutting edge. I used phosphor bronze washers. The scales are black bead blasted G-10. The...
  14. John Barker

    4" Hokkaido with Marbled CF

    I just finished this one for an order. 4" Hokkaido in CTS-XHP with hand satin finish. Marbled carbon fiber scales. Headed to Paul Long for a pair of pants. -John
  15. John Barker

    RIP Seamus Emerson Reuther

    RIP Seamus Emerson Reuther. Born 6:28 pm April 02, 2011 death verified April 02 2011 7:42 pm. I just found out yesterday Ed's (Ragingwolf66) son passed away about 2 weeks ago. Ed's wife was 27 weeks pregnant when her water broke. It brings tears to my eyes everytime I think about you and...
  16. John Barker

    A few I finished recently

    Here's a few I finished recently. 4" Tactical Hokkaido with bead blast finish. The blade is 0.200" thick at the ricasso, made of CPM S35VN with a Rockwell hardness of 61. The scales are black and gray G-10. Tanto Necker in CTS-XHP with hand satin finish and green canvas micarta with...
  17. John Barker

    Two Neckers!

    Here are two neckers I just finished. Both in 1/8" CTS-XHP with bead blast finish. New swedge style. The one with scales has a tapered tang and green canvas micarta scales. Cutting edge is 3" and overall length is 6.75" Lots of pics. I hope ya'll like them. I have two other versions to...
  18. John Barker

    seven inches of shiny stabby steel!

    I just finished up this Hokkaido. The blade is just a hair over 7" long. The blade is CTS-XHP with a 600 grit hand satin finish. The tip is convexed to a zero edge and finished to 5 microns. The scales are black linen micarta with red liners. Rockwell hardness is 61. Overall length is...
  19. John Barker

    I thought this was cool

    Let's you calculate spindle speed and feed rates. -John
  20. John Barker

    Tactical Hokkaido

    My Hokkaido design with new swedge grind. This one is CTS-XHP 3/16" thick at the ricasso. Bead blast finish with 6" cutting edge. Overall length is 11.5". Rockwell hardness is 61. Scales are bead blasted black G-10. Tapered tang. Kydex sheath with bead blasted stainless steel hardware...