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  1. Kris Martinelli

    Stapel-Martinelli Knives, Four Knives "The Wild Bunch"

    You can read more about Chuck Stapel "Knife Maker to the Stars" and I (Kris Martinelli) on Custom Knives and as well as more about the four knife collection. Sold individually-First Come First Served! Today in honor of a mutual friend "Earl Dillon" and now...
  2. Kris Martinelli

    Knife Dogs at Pasadena Knife Show in Cali.

    I apologize I haven't been around much . I have been so sick with reoccurring Bronchitis which complicates other issues I have...So please keep me in prayer. But I went down and met some mutual knifedogs. Pasadena Knife Show Was A Big Blast The Pasadena Knife Show on March 6th...
  3. Kris Martinelli

    Newbie Closing Gaps in Gaurd?

    I admit if I can use parts from another knife I will...but if it takes more time trying to make a part fit???? Is there a way to sintch this guard to my knife. (Close the gaps) and tighten it down? The guard is steel. PS I don't spot weld but I do use propane to heat things up?????? Help>...
  4. Kris Martinelli

    Need Rescue Dogs OUCH

    Dear Dogs, I need some rescue dogs and help. I want to design an OUCH knife. I was thinking with a grenade as the handle no joke, lol. I will be doing a collaboration with Chuck Stapel and Dogs? for designing a knife if you feel led. I will let Chuck cut it out, LOL. This is for a Charity...
  5. Kris Martinelli

    Dogs In Blade Magazine

    Ya, sitting on my favorite chair once a day I read my Blade Magazine and my Bible. I saw the most ridicules add on page 66 October Issue about some silly forum advertising there community of dogs and how nice all those dogs were etc. etc. What knife club or forum would name their forum after...
  6. Kris Martinelli

    Master Smiths Only a few hundred in US?????

    I was watching a video a friend sent about Bob Kramer Knives It was CBS Good Morning they interviewed Bob. In the interview the announcer mentioned there are only 150 Master Smiths in the US???? I am off on the number...but somewhere in that area? Is this true? If so is this something I as a...
  7. Kris Martinelli

    You Masters Amaze Me "Waste Not" Metal

    Man, I was once told as a songwriter I would be better off paying a master musician $200 for twenty minutes for their time to learn from, than pay $200 for a professional who would give me four one hour lessons. Find the master and learn from them!!! I have had the opportunity to watch a master...
  8. Kris Martinelli

    I Need Some Dog Training!!??? Help

    I love and enjoy repairing and customizing knives. This knife I don't know what to do with. This knife below was in a house fire. It came to me rusted and burnt and the sheath is very burnt and rock solid. I am an ex-paramedic firefighter so I know the heat hit this thing and then it got drowned...
  9. Kris Martinelli

    Knife Filing and Engraving Costs?

    I thought the Knife Calculator was a great topic. I am somewhat new to the knife world. I have started by learning file work and some engraving by a friend whom past away Earl Dillon. He was featured in Gun Digest Book of Knives when it was out. We never discussed cost or what to charge while I...
  10. Kris Martinelli

    Check this Old Craftsman Knife Out~!?

    Check this out....I was so proud to find this baby. I love to restore and customize old knives. Have you more mature dogs..Cough Cough seen a Craftsman-Shrade. This is the original case and it had the original plastic brown-orange Shrade handles. Do you think if I took it to Sears they would...
  11. Kris Martinelli

    Need Help-AISI 5150 Steel for Knives?

    Have any of you Big Dogs heard of using AISI 5150 steel for knives. I talked to a local man that commented on 5150 steel to use for working with knives. He stated it was easy to work with and if tempered right had a HRC of 58-60. Here in Cali....5150 is a Penal Code for: "Person who is a danger...
  12. Kris Martinelli

    Happy Birthday Marine Corps!!!

    The United States Marine Core had it's two hundred and thirty fifth birthday on the 10th today!!!! Thank You Core Men and Women!! 235 First in, Last out!!! Honorary Mud Man!
  13. Kris Martinelli

    California "Weird People" Lost Puppy!

    I know we here in California are weird. I was born and raised in LA and am not real proud of that!!! I was a paramedic ten years, song writer five and now disabled and now on this forum with no friends....feel my tears!!! :35: Do we have anyone from LA area or am I the only "Lost Dog Here" I...
  14. Kris Martinelli

    Help On Personal Signature- (Engraving Machine?)

    Hope this is not the wrong place for this question: I am a newbie who does file work both hands, customize knives, re-handle knives and guns etc. I just got a call from a knife maker named Chuck Stapel? to have coffee etc and talk more about knives and my file work this week. I have only made...
  15. Kris Martinelli

    I Hope to Cause Trouble!! Knives are for Sissy's

    Well First I must say.....I didn't write that Title!!! I don't know who to blame "It was the Dog". Well this is my first knife forum and I am happy to be far? I have just come out of the closet! My name is Kris and I hate knives!!!! They control my life and now I even started...