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  1. Akritz

    New Damasteel and Carbon Fiber Folder

    Just finished up this folder. Blade, Bolster and Back Spacer are Damasteel, Scales are Lightening Strike Carbon Fiber. Linners and Screws are Titanium. Pocket Clip is Black Timascus. Blade length is 3 3/8" This one was going to be for Blade Show but I'm tired of having mistakes in my pocket...
  2. Akritz

    Hawkeye Knife Club

    Anyone in or around the Des Moines, IA area the Hawkeye knife club is having their quarterly meeting/show this Saturday. This is a low key event where a few makes, collectors and knife nuts hangout for a couple hours and talk about knives. If you're in the area stop by and say hi. Hawkeye...
  3. Akritz

    Des Moines Knife Show

    Anyone in the Des Monies area, there is a small knife show tomorrow. I will be there with some of my knives for sale. Saturday, July 23rd, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Lion’s Club in Johnston, IA. Invite your friends and family. Free admission! (6401...
  4. Akritz

    New knife for my wife

    Hi Guys, Want to share a knife I just finished for my wife. She has been asking for a "cute" knife she can keep in with her. Model: Alvar (Elf Warrior) Titanium Frame Lock Carbon Fiber bolster with Purple Kirinite scale Back Spacer: Purple Kirinite Blade: Damasteel Hardware: Titanium screws...
  5. Akritz

    Damasteel for pocket clips

    I am doing my first couple knives with Damasteel. I am sending the blades to Pete's for heat treat but not sure about the pocket clips. I know blade hardness would be to much for a pocket clip, but do they need to be hardened then tempered back to soft or just leave them in the annealed state...
  6. Akritz

    New Folder out of the shop

    Finished up this "getting dressed up" folder a couple days ago. Open - 7 1/2 inches Closed - 3 3/4 inches Blade - 2 3/4 inches CPM-154 X 0.09 Flat ground polished Lock side - 0.150 Titanium, Mokume pivot color/lock over travel stop, Mokume pocket clip Show side - 0.050 Titanium, Mokume bolster...
  7. Akritz

    Liner Lock Complete

    Hi guys, Just wanted to share this little liner lock that I finished. Blade: 2 3/4" CPM-154 Liners, Pocket Clip and Thumb Stud: Titanium, heat colored Scales: OD G10 Back Spacer: Carbon Fiber Thanks Alan Kritzman Cedar Rapids, IA
  8. Akritz

    Christmas gift for my daughter

    Finished this one just in time for Christmas. My 17 year old daughter asked for a purse knife. Blade is just under 3" polished CPM154, carbon bolsters and bolster pins, Purple Kirinite scales with mosaic pins. This was my first stainless blade and used Pete's heat treat, great service.
  9. Akritz

    Bearing Pockets

    Hay Dogs, I'm finishing up my first folder, it is a liner lock flipper that is on brass washers. It kind of flips but needs some wrist action to get it to lock up. Planning my next knife and would like to use bearings but I'm not seeing a practical way to cut the bearing pockets without a...
  10. Akritz

    New Guy from Iowa

    Hi guys, Been lurking for a few months but thought I would say hi. Learned a lot from watching videos and reading how-to posts. My first couple knives were made with just files and sand paper but moved up to a 1X30 grinder for the last few. The first knife one off the grinder was a hunter for...