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  1. Akritz

    Blade Show

    This will be my first year going to Blade. I will be at Table 23U, stop by, and ask questions and finger print everything.
  2. Akritz

    New Damasteel and Carbon Fiber Folder

    Just finished up this folder. Blade, Bolster and Back Spacer are Damasteel, Scales are Lightening Strike Carbon Fiber. Linners and Screws are Titanium. Pocket Clip is Black Timascus. Blade length is 3 3/8" This one was going to be for Blade Show but I'm tired of having mistakes in my pocket...
  3. Akritz

    Bluing a rifle barrel questions?

    Brownells has an article on how to hot blue, they also have kits but they are not cheep or cost effective for a single gun. It is a good read on the process required.
  4. Akritz

    Makers Mark Stamp

    Ed, I hate when you show us we are wrong and use logic :35:. So now I'm rethinking marking my knives. I make folder, what do you think about stamping the inside of the frame with a name and year? I'm thinking about either on the back spacer (if it's flat) or the lock bar.
  5. Akritz

    Hawkeye Knife Club

    Anyone in or around the Des Moines, IA area the Hawkeye knife club is having their quarterly meeting/show this Saturday. This is a low key event where a few makes, collectors and knife nuts hangout for a couple hours and talk about knives. If you're in the area stop by and say hi. Hawkeye...
  6. Akritz

    Respirator recommendations

    Has anyone tried a Hobby Air system? They are expensive, years ago I went in with 2 other guys who had large painting projects. We sold it for what we paid when our projects were done. Worked great having cool forced air...
  7. Akritz

    Outlet location in shop?

    I have the outlets above the work bench but several cords run behind the bench to things that stay plugged in. For things that are not in full time use, I put a power strip on the underside at the front of my work bench for easy access.
  8. Akritz

    Bearings or Bronze Washers?

    I will give another perspective. I have found bearings easier to get a smooth action. With bearings is your liners are a little off parallel or your blade is not completely flat your can seat the bearing into the titanium by tightening the pivot and working the blade. The down side is as side...
  9. Akritz

    Des Moines Knife Show

    Anyone in the Des Monies area, there is a small knife show tomorrow. I will be there with some of my knives for sale. Saturday, July 23rd, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm at the Lion’s Club in Johnston, IA. Invite your friends and family. Free admission! (6401...
  10. Akritz

    Any of you guys make paper micarta?

    I like the idea of printing but I don't think a laser printer will work best. Laser printers basically melt plastic on top of the paper, as you sand the scale you would sand it off so you would end up with layers of white and printing not a full logo. If you used an ink jet printer and the...
  11. Akritz

    New knife for my wife

    Hi Guys, Want to share a knife I just finished for my wife. She has been asking for a "cute" knife she can keep in with her. Model: Alvar (Elf Warrior) Titanium Frame Lock Carbon Fiber bolster with Purple Kirinite scale Back Spacer: Purple Kirinite Blade: Damasteel Hardware: Titanium screws...
  12. Akritz

    Damasteel for pocket clips

    I am doing my first couple knives with Damasteel. I am sending the blades to Pete's for heat treat but not sure about the pocket clips. I know blade hardness would be to much for a pocket clip, but do they need to be hardened then tempered back to soft or just leave them in the annealed state...
  13. Akritz

    Need to find flat bottom drill bit

    I don't think you will get the results you want with a squared drill bit. It will walk and not stay centered. You need a pilot to keep the tool centered. Take a look at They have different size counter bores and different size pilots. Word of...
  14. Akritz

    Need advice on cleaning up Vine pattern on Spine

    Mark, Since the hardened epoxy is going to be harder than the wood and bonded to the wood your going to have a tough time trying to remove it without damaging the wood. Might be better to fill at this point. You can get dyes for epoxy to make it just about any color you want. Going forward, if...
  15. Akritz

    New Girl, Danae from Aus.

    Danae, Welcome, That is some nice work.
  16. Akritz

    Selling Knives on Instagram

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to let you know I took the advice of adding a bunch of hashtags to an Instagram post this weekend. Not sure if it was just luck or the hashtags but the knife sold in less than an hour. The number of comments and likes doubled from my normal posts so it looks like a lot...
  17. Akritz

    Selling Knives on Instagram

    Brandant, Can't say as I have found the key but I find other knife makers like to see work in progress pictures. Buyers like to see finished knives if they are not going to order something custom. For pre-order custom builds I like to post progress pictures to keep buyer excited. One of the...
  18. Akritz

    Another which steel question

    Fatstrat, I use They are very helpful and willing to answer questions. Others that have been recommended but I have not used myself are:
  19. Akritz

    Starting a knife making buisness

    Dave, I'm not a lawyer but this is what I learned when researching. From what I have seen it is all about risk. Since liability insurance for a knife business is next to impossible to afford you carry the risk of someone getting hurt and filling a lawsuit. It doesn't mater if they win or...
  20. Akritz

    grinder motor question

    Mack, I can think of a couple other options. 1)Have the motor shaft turned down to 5/8. 2) Put the drive wheel on a shaft drive the shaft using a belt. Just need pulleys to match the different shaft sizes. My KMG uses a belt with 1:1 pulleys, but depends on how you design the rest of the...