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  1. Scott Davidson

    Thanks folks

    I received my " Members Choice Awards " in the mail Friday. It was for Best Tactical Fixed Blade. Thanks folks, and thanks Boss. I am still not sure i deserve it, but i will accept it. Friday when i opened the mail , i spotted the package and opened the box, but did not unwrap the plaque. I...
  2. Scott Davidson

    2 carving knife and fork sets, boxed

    Hey guys here are two sets that I just finished up. A friend made the boxes for me. One set is 440C stainless steel, and one set is Damascus. Scott
  3. Scott Davidson

    PSF-D2 German equal to D2

    Has anyone used this steel yet. I bought 4 sticks of it. Going to give it a try.
  4. Scott Davidson

    Magazine write up in Tactical Knives

    Got my big ole ugly mug in Tactical Knives last week. I think Terrell Hoffman done me up right in there. Thanks for looking. Scott
  5. Scott Davidson

    A friction folder

    Here is one that I just finished up. Its a friction folder with some elk ivory layed into the handles as the guy wanted them. Thanks for looking. Scott
  6. Scott Davidson

    New Tactical blade

    Here is one that I finished up Friday. Its S-30-V Steel, micarta handles. That is all held together with the boss's thin walled tubing that's flared out. These things work very well. I made the kydex sheath for the knife also. Thanks for looking. Scott
  7. Scott Davidson

    7 inch tactical knife

    Here is one that I just finished up tonite. Its close to a # 16-7 spf Randall. I made this one for a good customer .Thanks for looking. 440C stainless steel blade black canvas micarta handles
  8. Scott Davidson

    An Integral for you to look at.

    Here is an integral that I agreed to build almost a year ago. I only agreed to make it , if I could work on it as I felt like it. You have to have your mind wrapped around this when you are on it. I just got it finished up in time to be picked up by the buyer at the BLADE show. The steel is 440C...
  9. Scott Davidson

    Need some help

    Hey fellow dogs, I need some help. I go to church with this lady who lost her husband late last year. She was going thru some of his stuff to try to get an ideal on its value. She has asked me to help her do this, so that if she decided to sell something she would not get taken advantage of. I...
  10. Scott Davidson

    My first folder

    I thought I would try something new. This is my first folder that I have made. I did have some help from Warren Glover at Bubbas knives. Let me know what you think. I know there is plenty of room for improvement. I will get there. The blade is 3 1/2 inches long of Brads- Alabama Damascus. The...
  11. Scott Davidson

    shipping to England

    Hey guys , i know its been asked before, but i have a gentleman in Englade who wants to order a large folding knife , and i need to know if any of you folks have had any troubles with customs . I have shipped " tools " before , but this is a folding pocket knife. I want it to get to him ...
  12. Scott Davidson

    Loveless classic drop point with desert iron wood

    Hey Guys , here is a new one that i just finished up . The steel is S-30-V. Desert iron wood handles with red liners. Stainless steel fittings. I will make the sheath this week. Thanks for looking. Scott
  13. Scott Davidson

    A few knives just off the bench

    Well , i thought its been a while since that i have posted some knives , so heres a few more to look at. The first knife is a 12 inch blade 440c filet knife made from 3/32 ss from Aldo. The second pic is of a few of my small skinners, also 440c ss. 3 have ivory micarta , and one has black...
  14. Scott Davidson

    A little stag and stainless steel

    Here is one i thought i would share with you fine folks. Its cpm154 , and a big ole piece of elk. Its has a blade length of almost 5 3/4 inches , and about 12 inches overall length.The fittings are brass with red g-10 spacers. Thanks for looking. Scott
  15. Scott Davidson

    Tactical Knives Magazine

    Just thought i would share a pic with you guys. While at the Knifemakes Guild Show in Louisville, Ky Mr Terrell Hoffman came by the table and wanted to take a pic of my knife for the magazine. With all the other guys there that were so much better makers than me, I just didnt feel worthy , but...
  16. Scott Davidson

    A friction folder

    Here is a friction folder i just finished up yesterday morning. Its green canvas and 440C ss . I also made a nice compact little sheath for it. The blade is 2 1/2 inches and a 6 1/2 inches over all. Thanks for lookin. Scott
  17. Scott Davidson

    cord wrapped camp knife

    1/4 inch 440c , black teflon coated blade. My brother wanted a large camp knife to use when camping out. What he came up with is somewhat a modified version of the Trekker. Thanks for lookin. Scott
  18. Scott Davidson

    Anyone want to build a multi blade folder for some one ?

    I have been contacted to build a mulit blade folder , but its wwaaayyyy beyond my learning curve. If anyone is interested , let me know and i will get you the contact info i have . Thank you , Scott
  19. Scott Davidson

    Buffer speed for blades

    I am wondering what speed buffer most people use 1750 , or 3600. I am using 1750 , but just not getting the finish i want . By the way i use green compound and finish up with pink no scratch. Thanks , Scott
  20. Scott Davidson

    Injection rubber moulding

    Does anyone know where i might find someone who does this. Thanks for any info. Scott