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  1. cnccutter

    Epoxy inlay

    Thought I would make a folder for a friend of mine and wanted to try a couple of ideas I have had for a while. I have wanted o do some inlays with colored epoxy that might allow me to do more intricate designs in the future. i carved in the Oregon State Beavers logo into my orange G10 scales...
  2. cnccutter

    Let the Fun Begin OKCA

    Just pulling out of the driveway and off to three days of sharp pointy things. so whos coming along? I'll be at table N10 / N11 Erik
  3. cnccutter

    Peanut Folder

    been working on this design for a while and finally got to try it out. dressed it in Carbon Fiber and O1. Erik Blade O1 liners 410 ss scales Carbon Fiber open 5 3/4" blade 2 3/4"
  4. cnccutter

    Jack Folder

    got a little Free time in the shop today and played with a new folder pattern. I haven't had a chance to make a Jack Folder and I thought I'd try one with a contoured bolster. It was a bit of a learning curve but after getting a pattern for the bolster in O1 it was pretty easy. i found a rotary...
  5. cnccutter

    Barlow Wrapped in Olive

    Worked on a Barlow today. I had some figured Olive on the bench that I though might be fun to use. Blade & Spring O1 410 liners 410 bolsters Scales Jerusalem Olive Erik
  6. cnccutter

    Canoe Folder

    Had an itch I had to scratch. When I was just a young pup, the first folder I got was a Case Canoe. I carried that knife for a lot of years and it brings fond memories back when I think of it. I thought it would be fun to try my hand at one now that I have a few blades under my belt. Blade &...
  7. cnccutter

    New Surface Grinder

    Yippee! just got in from the shop and placing my new grinder. I have been grinding my springs and blades to thickness by hand since I started making folders. Anyone that makes folders knows this can take a long time to do and get the right thickness for washers on your blades. you also have to...
  8. cnccutter

    Feather Folder

    Got to work in the shop yesterday with some of the Feather Damascus I got from Randy Jr. Great stuff to work with and great guys to work with if you want something nice. feather pattern is great, but hard to get a good image of it to do it justice. I always seam to carry a shop blem, but I...
  9. cnccutter

    Peening Anvil

    So every since I got hooked on folders, I have struggled with getting the pins peened "just right". I decided to try and make an anvil that was domed a bit so i didn't fight the bolsters or scales getting in the way or me dinging them up trying the sneak the pin as close to the edge as I could...
  10. cnccutter

    Maple Burl Folder

    I love weekends that let me work on the fun stuff. :biggrin: Erik maple burl scales 410 ss liners O1 blade & spring 5 3/4" open
  11. cnccutter

    ResinWood Folder...Thank you Tracy

    I was lucky enough to win a free piece of Resin-wood from Bose Dog. this is a small folder I made with a piece of it. works pretty nice but cant take any heat without burning a bit. a little hand sanding and it turner out fine. Thank You Tracy!! :biggrin: Erik Resin-Wood scales O1...
  12. cnccutter

    Snow Day Folder

    Got to take a snow day from customers and played in the shop. little coffee, little snow. lots of elbow grease and I got to try out a new pattern I've been fooling with. all in all a great day :biggrin: Erik Snake wood scales 410ss liners O1 blade & spring 6" open
  13. cnccutter

    ThunderStorm Folder

    Been playing with this folder pattern and tried out some new scale material, Thunderstorm Kevlar I got from Benr.t here on the forum. pattern is coming along, first one the spring was too soft. this one has a nice walk an talk 410ss liners Silica Bronze bolsters O1 blade 5 3/4" open...
  14. cnccutter

    Physicians Knife

    I've been interested in the physicians style knife for a while and thought I'd give one a try this weekend. steel O1 rc59 416 ss liners Australian oak scales open 5 3/4" blade 2 5/8 Erik
  15. cnccutter

    Sheep foot folder

    got to work in the shop today with a Sheep Foot pattern I have been tinkering with. didn't turn out too bad for the first copy off it. boy is the carbon fiber messy to work with. glad I have a good respirator. Erik steel O1 r59 scales Carbon Black, carbon fiber 410 ss liners 5 3/4 open 2 1/4...
  16. cnccutter

    OKCA Show in Eugene

    Ok Who's going to make the trip to the up coming show in Eugene? I'll be sitting at the 5160 knife club table and would love to put a face to people I've talked to. Erik
  17. cnccutter

    We all have good and bad days in the shop... sometimes both.

    We all have good and bad days in the shop. today i got to have both. got 2 liner locks ground and fitted up...... Good day received an order for parts to liner locks... Bad day..... bottom of flimsy packaging was sheared open... no pivots, no dent balls, no stops:mad: lucky the Titanium...
  18. cnccutter

    Hexagon Birdseye Pivot

    I was puttering in the shop today and grinding out a Sod buster. I have started putting Birdseye pivots on a lot of my folder after seeing a folder from Alistair Phillips and thought about working with the idea a bit. I looked around and couldn't find anyone branching out with this idea. I...
  19. cnccutter

    new skinner

    got up this morning and had to decide if i was going to mow the lawn or play in the shop. glad i am good at making the tough decisions. finished up this skinner that has been working its way across the bench for two weeks. Erik
  20. cnccutter

    Folder Blade Pin Vise Prototype

    I was grinding away this morning with my blade held in a pare of ViseGrips and thought there had to be a better way. after a bit of head scratching I came up with this prototype pin vise. I brazed a Carbide pads on the front after seeing the nice carbide file guides that Bruce Bump makes (which...