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    New stainless and carbon steel to North America from Germany for me to try out.

    My great heat treater and supplier of knife making items, Rob Ridely at Canadian knifemaker Supply, asked if I would be interested in giving some of this a go in my folders !!! It isn't my birthday just yet, and he didn't say I had to wait until then before I started. I just got a notice from...
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    Just one of my friends?

    I have never had many close friends in my life but the few that I've had as my life goes on have been and are far more than many may figure the word friend covers As I continued with my knife making in my life, I always sort of hoped that one day through someone's goodness I would be given a...
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    Wood presentation case

    I'm looking for one for use with a open folding knife that's about 10" long. Please direct me if you can. Thanks. Frank
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    Now how did that happen?

    I got a super merry Xmas present today from Jim Clow better known as Boatbuilder to many in this forum. In the package was many lovely handle scales all stabilized, a piece of 416 stainless, some pin stock and two pieces of Damascus. One piece was I believe a "signature" piece that Jim calls...
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    Making a 1" grinding wheel out of a 2" one.

    If you want to grind a cutting edge on the inside of a curve, a 2" belt can sometimes be too wide. Just take some 1" masking tape and place it on the center of the wheel in say 15 layers or so. You want enough height so you can grind to the depth you need for your blade. As to the belts, if you...
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    Now here's a big deal !!!

    I probably missed where someone else has given you a huge pat on the back for this but here is my congratulations on going with good looking, very serviceable straight knives at such a good price !!! Lots of continued success. You desire it for how you promote knife making by being there 100%. Frank
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    Christmas came early

    I received a super gift from a super folder maker and his friend !!!! It's plans for the AWESOME HORIZONTAL EDGE GRINDER by Calvin Robinson and Paolo Ghio. This could be the start of something real good ! I KNOW its a real working piece of equipment especially if you are into making folders and...
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    So why not spin ther pins?

    Will I get around to trying to make a slip joint or lock back? I don't know. What about spinning down the heads instead of hammering them? Do they show too big this way or -? Thanks Frank
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    Wish all belts were as long lasting as this one.

    Well I got three of those R999B 36 grit 2X72 belts from Canadian Knifemaker Supply several months ago. I reordered today. These are fantastic that work just like we wish the all would. I even use them to thin down mammoth ivory since they cut clean and cool and do a darn good job of keeping the...
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    Polishing flat ground blades with a disc

    I've had information telling me how to get a polish on blades with a worked down cork belt, but unfortunately so far have not been successful in getting the results that I expected. However, the other night Rod Nielson , suggested while at my shop why not try a disc with a thin cork covering and...
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    How to seal cracks in mammoth tooth ?

    I have used a lot of mammoth tooth, but it has all had a lot of sealing done before I got . I was left with having to go over it with CA glue or Epoxy to start and then perhaps as I went along. I guess they were partly stabilized. I was just given some large pieces that I think are very...
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    Pivots, bearings, and bearings for liner locking folders.

    I certainly would appreciate some help on the correct sizes and where to buy counter bores and bearings for a 3/16" pivot. It seems the inside diameter of the bearings are not a true fit for the pivots, but perhaps this still works okay? I have had a huge boost from maker Alan Davis but want to...
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    Self reversing tapping head

    Well it took me a while but I did get it and do have it set up. The good part is it does a great job with following instructions from Les George which I very much appreciated. This tapping head is what I would call a no name item. It comes in three sizes, the smallest is the JSN7 made for the 0...
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    Instructions on setting up and operating a reversable tapping head.

    I sure would appreciate any help on how to set up and operate a reversible tapping head. Thanks loads for any and all help ! Frank
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    What a Push !!!

    I attend one local knife show a year and perhaps have only five or six walk in customers in a year. Anything else in sales comes by way of the internet, goes out to a dealer, or my son who loves to honor me by selling my folders. Within the last four days I've had two people phone and come to...
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    Knife show in Denver this weekend

    Hi all you members. I will have a bunch of my liner locks here being shown by my dealer- friend. I believe it's the Professional Knifemakers Association. Please, if you are there , say hello to Bob Glassman, and tell him Frank sent you to have a look see. Frank
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    Disc grinder speed

    Calvin's disc cutting jig reminded me to pass along this operating find - well at least for me. If you operate your disc at much less than 75% you will not get the same amount of work done (this makes sense) but you will also find your sand paper doesn't last near as long at a slower speed. Frank
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    Knifemaker Supply now has those new Norton belts

    Yes I have ordered some 36 grit ones. Frank
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    Any of those new Norton 36 grit belts yet?

    Hi Rob. Have you received any of those "new" 36 grit Norton belts yet? Frank
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    A big help when hand sanding stainless blades

    A long time ago I wrote to say that using a few drops of Mobil 1 while sanding blades with hardened carbon steel will help some to get the work done. I have tried the Mobile 1 and many other fluids to help in sanding stainless blades of many types. What I have found is that from grits 400 and...