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  1. Frstr8

    Dell Computers

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Dell is selling certain machines for $500 off until the 31st. You just need the coupon codes 8GHR80Q1PLLCF7 and 7WR1C2?HTTQQ11 This is for XPS Laptops with 17" screens over $1600 dollars. I ordered a blown out XPS Laptop last night. Thought I...
  2. Frstr8

    FS Benchmade 41MC and CS Arc Angel

    Up for your perusal is a Benchmade 41MC and Cold Steel Arc Angel. The Benchmade 41MC is in very good condition. There is slight rub marks on the blade as seen in the pictures. Comes with box and bag. Price: sold Shipped / Insured / paypaled Next up, Cold Steel Arc Angel...
  3. Frstr8

    Coye Knives Oscar Mike - California Edition

    This just in. Oscar Mike California Edition. :biggrin: Gotta love it! Thanks Mr. Coye. You make a great knife that begs to be used!
  4. Frstr8

    Coye Knives "On The Move" Into Blade Magazine

    Congratulations to Bill Coye for making it onto the pages of Blade Magazine! The Oscar Mike lands on page 98 of the July issue of Blade Magazine with a great write up.
  5. Frstr8

    Ed Fowler in Blade

    Ed Fowler has an article in Blade Magazine entitled 4 Bladesmithing Myths. Page 92 May 2011 edition. Check it out.!
  6. Frstr8

    This thing has a couple of moving parts.
  7. Frstr8


    How rare is superconductor? How is it acquired?
  8. Frstr8

    Death To Frosty!

    Woke up to find this odd white powder looking stuff all over the ground. Decided to take the truck out for some fun. Stopped to build a snowman. Frosty got crazy and pulled knives. Bad Frosty. He had to be dealt with.
  9. Frstr8

    Washer Question

    What type of washers do you use? Nylon, phosphorous bronze, other....and why?
  10. Frstr8

    Pushing The Right To Bear Arms, The Sharp Kind.

    Good article.
  11. Frstr8

    Benchmade Model 53

    So what do you guys think? I do not like the looks of it. I feel they are going in reverse. They had great bali's and now they are making cheaper looking stuff. G-10 handles? Really? Discuss................
  12. Frstr8

    It's the DAD LIFE YO!

    You have got to check this out! Too funny! DOKuSQIJlog
  13. Frstr8

    Give away in First Rate Gear !

    Just a heads up. Get in on the give away.................
  14. Frstr8

    Headed To The Hills!

    Took the truck out to the hills yesterday. Thought I would share some pictures. We got up to a mine that someone was mining up until 4 or 5 years ago. BLM has turned it into a little recreation area. Then we headed down to the cabin. The upstairs. The downstairs. Up to the...
  15. Frstr8

    Blade Show Scores!

    I hope every one who was able to go to Blade had a great time and made it home safely. I know it's a bit soon, however we will need to be seeing every ones Blade Show Scores please. When you get around to it. :bud:
  16. Frstr8

    Game Call Lanyard

    My buddy asked me if I could make him a game call lanyard. This is what I came up with. First one is for his son. And My friends.
  17. Frstr8

    Question for the sheath makers

    I have 2 sheaths for bali's. One made by Paul Long and the other by G2. The sheath made by G2 is getting a little hard. No big deal, but if I don't catch it now I am afraid it will get bad and crack. So, what do you suggest I use on the leather to condition it ? Thanks!
  18. Frstr8

    So Cal Snow!

    The worst thing about it snowing in Southern California is the Crack Head Snowmen that wander into your yard. :confused: :eek: :mad: He chilled out (get it) and put the knife away.
  19. Frstr8

    This one put a lump in my throat.

    I will have to admit this one got to me. v9lkmd-mMJ0
  20. Frstr8

    How Many Of You

    I am wondering how many of you wear belts. I almost NEVER wear a belt. Seriously, maybe 5 times a year. The reason I ask and the reason I put this in the sheath forum is because I carry a fixed blade every day. I have a Bill Coye special edition Ridgecrest Ridgeback huh1 and a Martin Olexey...