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  1. Ausbrooks

    S45 Tactical Auto

    New M1 Raptor tactical auto, .156 x 3.3" CPMS45VN reverse tanto blade, titanium liners, coil spring, SS screws and back spacer, factory clip, red agate stone in button, red/black G10 scales, case, $319 USD CONUS.
  2. Ausbrooks

    Blackwood AO Hunter (Sold)

    Here is a new assisted open liner lock hunter recently completed. I like the lines and feel of this one, and the fast action. Set up for a lefty with clip on left side but feels fine in right hand. Turn on your sound when watching video as this folder has a great action sound to it. Blade: .125...
  3. Ausbrooks

    D2 and Kirinite

    Here is a new D2 and RWB kirinite knife that would be a good pack knife for big game as well as a fish knife. The mirror polished blade is 4.7" long and .150 thick. It has the lanyard and a horizontal carry kydex sheath. $195.
  4. Ausbrooks

    San Mai Ironwood Hunter

    Here is a new San Mai and Ironwood hunter I made while living in Montana about 2 years ago. It features a nickel silver guard and spacers, SS cap, and custom turned pommel nut and ironwood handle. The blade is .250 x 5.5" 3-layer san mai steel made from 410SS and 1095 core. The sheath is hand...
  5. Ausbrooks

    D2 Stag Skinner

    Here is a new D2 skinner with coin mokume pommel, copper spacer, nickel silver guard and sambar stag handle. The 4.750" x .185 blade is mirror polished and razor sharp. The sheath is hand tooled and pig skin lined. $325.
  6. Ausbrooks

    S60 Elk Frame Lock Assisted Open

    Here is a new compact assisted open folder that is super smooth and fast opening and is big enough for deer sized field work. It features a 1/4" pivot with steel ball bearings, titanium frame, bolster, and left side plates, 304SS open spring, stabilized elk scale, titanium clip and lock...
  7. Ausbrooks

    S60 Stag Assisted Open (Sold)

    Here is a recently completed folder that is very comfortable in hand and should make an excellent field knife as it has 1/4 pivot, teflon washers, CPMS90V hardened lock plate, titanium left side plate and bolsters, checkered SS backspacer, 304SS open spring, and stag handles. It is very smooth...
  8. Ausbrooks

    Micarta Tactical

    Hey Dogs, going to post some knives for sale as found out am now a "full time knife maker" and the local shows have been canceled. This tactical is made from 1/4" 440c, full convex ground, 11.5 OA, double tempered and cold treated. 3/8" brown micarta with flared tubes for handles. It is bead...
  9. Ausbrooks

    Cheap Damascus

    Watched this video on cheap Damascus and thought you guys would like it- too funny.
  10. Ausbrooks

    Assisted Tac and Elk

    Finally finished these 2 assisted openers after long time off getting new shop set up. The tactical has a 4.5" 3/16 D2 blade and don't recommend this big of a blade as first assisted opener project as it is a lot of steel to move and the ball bearings changed to spring design. The TI-Elk one was...
  11. Ausbrooks

    Moose BT D2 and Maple Camp

    Moose Bird/Trout - This little bird and trout has perfect balance and length for field use and general utility. It is top quality steel and materials and would be a fine addition to any field kit or collection. Specs: Length: 5.5" blade and 10.25 overall Steel: CMPS90V, RC62, .080 thick, convex...
  12. Ausbrooks

    Western G46's

    Restored these two Western G46-6's which may have been WWII Marine issue knives but suspect they are post-war variants as they lack the blood groove that most issue knives had. One was quite rusted so was sand blasted and the other needed a new pommel which was made of 3/16" D2 and fixed broken...
  13. Ausbrooks

    Western Vintage Paratroop

    My friend Dennis (Demo) gifted this to me a while back, and finally got around to restoring it (thanks again Dennis). After some research I found out it is a WW2 "shark" knife as it was carried by Naval Aviators. Western made several styles of it but all with the fuller groove. Had to put new...
  14. Ausbrooks

    Ti Stag Liner Lock

    Just finished this for my "stock". The Ti and stag is kind of unusual combo but the heat coloring makes it look pretty good I thought. It has a super smooth action, good lockup and easy one hand operation. Specs: 3.75" ATS34 .125 thick rc62 blade, micro-roller bearings, fileworked, heat colored...
  15. Ausbrooks

    D2 Nessmuk Hunter

    Just finished this nessmuk that would make a great hunter as it is well balanced and heavy duty and is pretty nice looking for a nessmuk. Spec: 3/16" D2 steel blade, 60rc and cryo treated, 6" sharp and 12" OA length. Rosewood burl scales with moose antler bolsters, bronze spacers, NS pins, SS...
  16. Ausbrooks

    D2 Burl Bowie with Sheath

    Just off bench is this D2 bowie that is built for heavy use with a heavier blade and slightly longer handle (4.75") to aid in chopping. Balance point is an inch ahead of guard so has a great forward balance. Point is ground heavier to allow extra durability. Specs: D2 edge-quenched blade with...
  17. Ausbrooks

    Stag Hunter that didn't make the cut...

    Here is a hunter that had some "things happen" in building that means I will be keeping it, such as when was welding tang bolt had a bead of weld stick right on egde of ricasso where it contacts guard (its visible) and saw it too late to properly fix oh well I'll use it for now as it's balanced...
  18. Ausbrooks

    Ironwood Bowie and Sheath

    Just finished this ironwood bowie that has an ATS34 SS blade and is classy looking while being heavy duty as well and would make a good camp knife or hunter user. It has a medium weight hollow grind and balance point about inch ahead of guard and has a very solid feel. Specs: ATS34 SS blade...
  19. Ausbrooks

    Gerber Cohort folder recalled

    Saw in newspaper over weekend that the Gerber Cohort liner lock folder is being recalled- 161,000 knives in US and Canada. Reason stated "The locking mechanism can fail to hold the blade, posing a laceration hazard". 6 incidents reported, 2 needing stitches. It is a smaller 3" bladed Chinese...
  20. Ausbrooks

    ATS34 Fighter and Sheath

    Just completed this fighter and sheath that is finished out nice and is ground for heavy performance with a slightly heavier edge dimension to use for chopping no problem. It is very well balanced with weight forward and not too heavy. This would make a good all around camper, hunter, and...