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  1. roughcountry

    Sheath for a St jude auction finished

    I Finished a sheath for a annual auction a bunch of traditional archer's have every year. I thought I'd post it here as I'm pretty happy with it turned out. I did a few things that I haven't tried before and I think it helped. I've been lining sheaths with veg tanned kangaroo but split and...
  2. roughcountry

    Folder sheath

    I have a buddy that got a gift from his girlfriend today that's pretty special. She had Bruce Bump build a super folder and I got to make the sheath. It was fun to try a new style I've never done and sure helped to know what my buddy preferred for a sheath. Hope the pictures come thru all...
  3. roughcountry

    dress sheaths for some Randall's

    My cousin asked me to make some "dress" sheaths for his small collection of Randall's and I did the best I know how to do. It was great to handle these blades and get the story of when and how he got them. He said at the time it was a must that special forces carry a Randall. He ordered his...
  4. roughcountry

    This years St Jude sheath

    Time again for my highest paying leatherwork of the year. Don't get a dime but sure pays big time in good feelings. This year I was asked to be part of a group effort on a knife & sheath. Not being much of a bladesmith I got the nod for the leatherwork. This is for a annual auction that a...
  5. roughcountry

    Scroll cutting doodle

    Awhile back someone was interested in learning to scroll cut. I mentioned that I had a peice of my uncles work who influenced the way I scroll cut. Someday I might get half as good. I held my old HTS swivel knife in the picture to show what his favorite knife & blade looked like. This is...
  6. roughcountry

    Horsemans sheath.

    I just finished a blade and simple sheath to go with a 1918 vintage 94 winchester carbine. I tried for a knife and sheath I thought would fit that time in this country. Big enough to split some kindling but small enough to peel a elk. The sheath I thought needed to be a high carry to clear the...
  7. roughcountry

    Home grown leather tools.

    I have lots of homemade tools I've made for my leather work. Just finished a edger that works real nice and thought I'd share. I started a couple but the one is a specialty edger for saddle seats so focus on the one suitable for sheaths. These are just scrap peices of steel left over from...
  8. roughcountry

    A knife & a Dog

    Here you go Bruce, sorry I couldn't figure out how to get them big in a email. Robin:31:
  9. roughcountry

    Folder sheath

    I'm pretty new to building blades, this is # 4 &5. Can't get what I used to buy for lock backs so I'm forced to try to build them. The whole reason for my love of the lockback started with a cowboy asking for a type of sheath. It needed to hold his favorite style of blade in a crossdraw on his...
  10. roughcountry

    St Jude donation sheath

    Every year I donate a custom sheath on a trad archery website to benifit the kids at St Jude childrens hospital. The guys have a lot of fun and bid things up way higher than they should so I try to pull out all the stops and do the best I can for them. I have a couple sheaths that were on the...
  11. roughcountry

    Hello to a Great Site

    I'm gonna have to force myself to drink plenty of fluids to combat all the drooling. I'm a rank greenhorn building blades so I'm gonna spend a lot of time looking at all the talent here and hope a small amount rubs off. My main interest is hunting blades and being able to build sharp well made...