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  1. Keith Willis

    What species? Worth Stabilizing??

    As we Always say, These pictures do not do this wood Justice. Just wondering what you guys think of stabilizing? I am not quite ready but as soon as I am this will be my 1st attempt at Stabilizing. I know that 3 of these blocks are live oak not sure if they're worth stabilizing but to me they...
  2. Keith Willis

    Wood Identification?

    This wood was given to me by someone on this forum. I had it all written down as to who give me what, And what species wood it was. It has been a while back and a I have misplaced Where it was all written down Long story short The only thing I had written on this piece which was larger was...
  3. Keith Willis

    Catalog by R.W. aka Bob Loveless

    An old friend of mine, I know he wouldn't mind me calling him old he is a close friend, 89 years young, was throwing out some old magazines most of it was junk but when I saw this I asked him could I have it before he threw it in the trash. Just thought I was a little treasure to hang on to
  4. Keith Willis

    Wood type

    I have had this board for a long while now and have never used any of it on a knife. I was hoping someone would tell me what type of wood it is I’m thinking it’s lace wood but I don’t know and is it any good for knife handles. God bless
  5. Keith Willis

    Rubber wheels

    Could someone tell me ot course I know it will be their opinion but where is the Best place to buy the rubber wheels I don’t know if they call them contact weels or not but I am looking for the 2 inch wheels that Will go on my no weld grinder The ones that go on the top and bottom of my flat...
  6. Keith Willis

    416 stainless

    Hey my friends, can someone tell me what would be the next best steel to use in place of 416. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but would like some 1/8 " x 1 1/2'' or 1/8'' x 2'' . I am using it on folders with integral bolsters. I have been using 3/16'' 416,and have a little left...
  7. Keith Willis

    Question on my Forge

    I just built a new Forge. My question is what size pipe should I use on the forge itself to mount the burner into if I have a 1 inch pipe on my burner. Thanks in advance for the help God bless, Keith
  8. Keith Willis

    Carbon fiber, Ealy Damascus, and 416 stainless

    I've been around browsing The Forum and learning what I can I just haven't said a whole lot. I thought I would show you my latest work. I have made a few fixed blades just haven't posted this is my first folder in a while Blade: Ealy Damascus cutting edge is 3" W/ a custom thumb stud Handle...
  9. Keith Willis

    Folder and a few neck knives

    For those that thought I had quit making knives, here is a few I have just finished up Since I made my last folder I have had 2 foot surgeries and 2 back surgeries. Here's a few pics of some neck knives and a folder
  10. Keith Willis


    I was just wondering if anyone had ever heard the name (Steel Warrior) I have a knife that I am going to post up but no one has to tell me it is a piece of junk. It may be a factory knife that someone has tried to do some repair work on. My brother-in-law picked it up in a little shop that we...
  11. Keith Willis

    Got a question on using bronze

    I am working on a folder but, this could be for folder or fixed blade. This will be my first folder in a long time, and while I have always used 416 stainless, I am out and need to order some, I have some bronze and was wondering if bronze is a good choice for bolsters. Thanks God bless
  12. Keith Willis

    New to knifemaking and living Baton Rouge, La

    Mod may move this, but I thought this was the best place to put it .....Several months back, before I had foot surgery I was suppose to get it touch with a guy that lived in Baton Rouge. I cant find the post or the message that had some info.. If he is still around, send me a message or give me...
  13. Keith Willis

    what kind of wood is this ?

    I was out looking for driftwood on the Mississippi river this morning. I picked this up and when I got home I cut it open, it is very hard, but to me it has a nice grain. The spotted side is when I cut it in half the striped part is the outside, I'm not to sure how far in it goes. I was just...
  14. Keith Willis

    can anyone tell me what type of wood this is?

    I am almost sure the wood came from someone on this forum. It was labeled I think with a piece of tape but??? It looks to be stabilized, but I am not real sure on that. Thanks in advance God bless
  15. Keith Willis

    Selling knives

    I have sold a lot of knives, and most have been sold on one website. I was wondering, besides selling to locals and those that are sold by word of mouth, what is a good website to sell knives on. Just checking around to see where you guys are selling? God bless
  16. Keith Willis

    Titanium thickness?

    Ok guys, I am healing up and hoping to be in the shop before much longer. I was wondering what is a good thickness of titanium for smaller too medium sized folders? I have always used .070 and yes it has always worked well, I know something thinner would give me a little thinner knife, but will...
  17. Keith Willis

    Just trying to heal up

    Hey guys, thanks to all of you for the thoughts and prayers. What was suppose to be a 1 hour surgery and a over night stay in the hospital turned into a 4 hour surgery and a second surgery 2 days later..then 7 days in the hospital. Of all the surgeries I have ever had this was the worst...
  18. Keith Willis

    Ivory for Scrimshaw

    Was wondering if anyone may have some ivory scraps that they would sell me? Would really like to find some pcs off old piano keys. I have used the bone from pet supply stores but would like to find some ivory. Thanks guys God bless
  19. Keith Willis

    Keep me in your thoughts and prayers

    Hey my brothers, I've been around just haven't said much. I would just ask for you guys to keep me in your thoughts, as I have too have back surgery on the 10th of march. I don't think I will be down long 3-4 weeks ?? I hope...however I will be taking it easy till I heal Thanks my friends God...
  20. Keith Willis

    Can I now be considered a knifemaker again?? First ones in a long time.... Feels good

    Trying to post a pic... Been so long I have to relearn how... Hoping it shows up I still have a way to go,but I am almost up and running again God bless