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  1. James Terrio

    Howdy fellas!

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately. No worries, I've just been busy in a good way. My Mil Build blades are at Peters' getting HT'ed as we speak, I'm booked four months out with custom orders and have a couple very interesting collaborations in the works. Angie and I just got moved to her...
  2. James Terrio

    Mil Build W.I.P. thread

    I thought it might be fun for everyone to show where they're at on this cool project. I'll start... everybody jump in any time, this isn't about "me"! Yesterday I spent some time in the shop and got all three of my blanks beveled. As you can see the plunges and profiles still need to be...
  3. James Terrio

    Smoke/Prayers/Happy Thoughts request

    Fellow 'Dogs, I need some backup, in the form of prayers for the people I love. I generally do not like airing personal stuff in public, but this is important. My woman's Daddy (AKA Steve, AKA Big Guy) is having some significant medical issues that need to addressed right now, and we will...
  4. James Terrio

    Hunter/EDC's For Sale

    UPDATE 9-15 the PotBelly Skinner is SOLD pending funds. Thank you! These are all complete and ready to ship. All knife work done by me, except the heat-treating which was done by Peters' HT, and the powder-coating on the Black&Blaze hunter was done by TrappRiver PC here in Central Wisconsin...
  5. James Terrio

    Thoughts on Media Blasting and Coatings

    I've watched a lot of guys struggle with under-powered, cheapo blasting kits, or spend way too much sending knives out for coating... well, I found a better way. There is a small custom shop near me that specializes in motorcycle/snowmobile/hot rod parts and so forth. They have been more than...
  6. James Terrio

    Blaze & Black Hunter

    Price Reduced! Blaze & Black Hunter Price dropped to $140.00 Here we have a nice clip-point hunter in 440C, blaze orange G-10 and ultra-durable black powder-coat. 100% handmade by yours truly, and 100% guaranteed. Specs: 440C full-tang blade, 3/32" at the spine, fully tapered both ways...
  7. James Terrio

    Favorite Movie Quotes Thread

    Let's hear 'em! Funny, philosophical or just odd... long as they're PG ;) "The jakes is occupied! Will be for some time." ...and... "There is no clock on my business!!" ...and... "Coon hunt?? This ain't no coon hunt!" - All from True Grit (2010) "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted...
  8. James Terrio

    Closing a thread?

    How do I lock a thread I started? I had some steel up for sale and it's all paid for and shipped now. Thanks :)
  9. James Terrio

    Raffle for a non-profit?

    Hi gentlemen, I'm looking to set up a raffle for a non-profit organization. (It will be one of my knives, with the money raised going to a NPO that recently got robbed.) I'm a little confused as to how to go about this and accept payment, keep everything transparent, etc. Or maybe it would be...
  10. James Terrio

    Silly/Odd HT question

    We've all seen cool forged knives where some of the forging marks and scale is left on. I was just wondering if I did a similar project by stock-removal and left some of the mill scale showing, would that pose any problems during HT? Will it be an issue later in terms of corrosion resistance...
  11. James Terrio

    BlackSmith Blues

    Check out this song. You can hear Indian George keeping time in the percussion section :biggrin:
  12. James Terrio

    A Nice Tribute to the Fallen

    This is a video about a woman who's paying tribute to those who sacrifice for Freedom in her own way.
  13. James Terrio

    D2 vs. CPM-D2?

    Does anyone have some experience or info (Charpy notch tests, etc.)on the relative toughness of regular D2 compared to the CPM version? I know a little about the CPM process and how it generally makes the alloy more consistant overall, but for the purpose of this thread I'm concerned...
  14. James Terrio

    St. Patrick's Day GAW!

    To celebrate I'd like to do a little surprise GAW of some fun knifemaking-related stuff. I'll pick a random winner at 11:59PM on 3/17/11. Your post number is your entry, BUT you have to say something St Patty's Day-related! Enter as many times as you like but the rules apply to each post...
  15. James Terrio

    Terrio Handmade Knives picture thread

    I'll post projects here as they're completed. First up are a couple prototypes from my "BlackToothGrin" tactical/fighting/etc line: The Growl... a general purpose combat/survival blade. Sheath is still in progress... The Fang... EDC/SD/boot knife. I've always liked boot knives but I made...
  16. James Terrio

    Questions about Lateral Strength

    I'd like to focus this thread on lateral strength only. I try to design my blades and choose steels and HT protocols based almost entirely on cutting ability for the intended mediums. However, many of my knives are "tactical" or "survival" or whatever you want to call them, and it very often...
  17. James Terrio

    Japanese sen questions

    I'm thinking of making a sen for getting my flats nice and flat. Not so much for major stock removal, just to get things smooth after grinding and/or draw-filing before HT. I found a couple links with some info but still have some questions. Don Fogg tutorial sword forum thread cross...
  18. James Terrio

    True Grit movie 2010 version

    I won't bore you with a long review except to say it's excellent. One of the best new movies I've seen in a long time. There's also a lot of scenes with very cool knives, if anyone knows who made them please post a link. Carry on!
  19. James Terrio

    New Year's Resolutions?

    Do you all make resolutions? I made one about 15 years ago, to never make anymore resolutions... so far I've kept it :biggrin: Happy New Year's everyone!
  20. James Terrio

    Bandsaw Blades for Handle Materials

    I have a Craftsman bandsaw like this that's not set up yet. Anyone have recommendations for good blades for cutting "slabs" of G10 and micarta into scales? Is there a safe way to use this type saw to resaw blocks of wood into scales?