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  1. Ostap

    Alpha II - tactical fixed by Ostap Hel

    I have my new tactical custom knife for sale - model Alpha II. Materials: - M390 blades - vacuum HT with cryo to 60-61 HRC - Black G10 handle - 3D textured - Custom stainless steel screws based on unique design - Titanium lanyard pin Dimensions: - 255 mm / 10" overall length - 116 mm / 4,5'...
  2. Ostap

    Alpha II - by Ostap Hel

    So here they are, second generation of my tactical fixed knives - Alpha II. I've made only a few pieces in this batch. It tooks me few months of machining, grinding and hand finishing of all those little details (screws, jimping, hidden lanyard pins etc.) but it was totally worth it...
  3. Ostap

    Ostap Hel Knives - "Alpha" Prototypes

    I would like to present you first full sized fixed knives in my knifemaking career - model "Alpha". I've designed simple and slim blades to try out my new CNC Router. It was all new to me and on almost each manufacturing step I've sacrifaced one knife to discover and upgrade making process -...
  4. Ostap

    Gentleman Folder - Michael Zieba & Ostap Hel collaboration.

    Hello, I would like to share with you my latest collaboration with Michael Zieba - Gentleman folding knife based on my design: Framelock version. ZDP-189 set at 62HRC Titanium with copper coating and black nickel. Linerlock version. CPM S35VN - Titanium with copper coating and black...
  5. Ostap

    Anodized titanium necks + "How it's made" photostory.

    Hi, I want to share with you my latest knives (anodzized titanium necks) and also a photostory about making them. I hope you will like it. Piece of titanium grade 5. Size 40x90x2,5 mm: My goal? Two the same neck knives for testing titanium carbidized edge - so first I had to split it on...
  6. Ostap

    Ostap Hel - Modern Kiridashi

    Hi, I've made few office blades in kiridashi style. Steel: N690 (60 HRC) Blade lenght: 50 mm Total lenght: 145 mm Blade thickness: 3,5 mm Take a look :) And video-review (sorry, it's not in english but you can see details in 4:00-7:00 min)
  7. Ostap

    Ostap Hel & Realsteel collaboration - 2 Neck's

    Hi guys! I want to share with you some good news! This is my first bigger design collaboration and I'm really exited. Recently Realsteel Knives have made 2 prototypes of Neck Knives based on my design. Steel: Sandvik 12C27, stonewash. Total lenght: 6,7" Blade lenght: 3" Sheath: kydex...
  8. Ostap

    Ostap Hel - Kiridashi

    Hello, Here is my vision of kiridashi - fresh from the workshop. And it's my first knife with new logo (laser engraving) What do you think? Steel: N690, ~60 HRC Beadblast finish Total lenght: 157 mm Blade lenght: 71 mm Blade thickness: 3,5 mm
  9. Ostap

    Balisong concepts - what do You think?

    Hi! Recently I've made some sketches of my balisong knife - I want to do one for myself. Maybe you will have any suggestions or advices about design? Thanks Balisong #1 Balisong #2
  10. Ostap

    Ostap Hel - Ultralight Neck

    Hi, My last Ultralight Neck for sale. Blade steel: N690 (~60 HRC) Handle material: Black G10 + titanium pin + SS tube. Blade lenght - 65 mm Overall lenght - 155 mm Blade thickness - 2,5 mm Handle thickness - 8 mm Weight - 49g (63g with kydex!) SOLD
  11. Ostap

    Ostap Hel - Custom Knives & Designs

    Hello, Recently I've created my facebook profile (where I've added my latest works) but I've realized that some people don't have accounts there, so i decided to create a little place here to share with You my latest ideas and collaboration's (and maybe WIP soon). One of my first custom works...
  12. Ostap

    Ostap Hel - Ultralight Necks

    Hello, I have 2 Ultralight Neck Knives for sale. Each set includes custom kydex sheath with CF inlays. Why I called them "ultralight"? Because of their weight and materials (skeletonized handle + carbon fiber): They're sold. How can I remove this topic? Please, feel free to contact me if you...
  13. Ostap

    Fixed and folding knives designing and other graphic services.

    Hi, I would like to offer here my graphic services. I know that a lot of knifemakers (espacially beginers or older guys) have problems with making a folding knife. Sometimes, even with great practical skills they can’t design a working folding knife with a good lock mechanism. From my...
  14. Ostap

    Ostap Hel - Ultralight Neck

    Hello guys! Some new info from my workshop. My custom #10 and first one with not skeletonized handle like before). It's called Ultralight because of his weight (about 60-70 g). Steel is N690 and handle is made from unusual CF with titanium pins. Here's two photos* : *by PiterM
  15. Ostap

    Ostap Knives

    Hello! Here is some basic info about me:!&p=246574#post246574 So now I just want to show whats going on in my little workshop: Let's start: As I said in previeus topic - my first one, not perfect but I lern...
  16. Ostap

    Ostap Hel - Greetings from Poland!

    Hello! My name is Ostap, 21 years old. I really like designing knives (espacially folders) and I'm doing my firsts step in knifemaking. I like materials like titanium, inox steel, g10 and micarta etc. Wood, bones and other oldscool things are not in my type. I've made few small fixed...