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  1. Ltwtcmdr

    Angryman Burke Fugitive

    This is a collaboration between myself and Jim Burke. The design is his. I produced the parts. The blades were rough ground by CNC then re-ground and finished by hand by me. The design is a smaller version of his popular Fugitive custom model. On this paticular model the bevels are satin and...
  2. Ltwtcmdr

    Angryman Scoundrel

    The Scoundrel is an all steel, skeletonized boot/neck knife. The steel is 154cm, double tempered and cryo-quenched. These happened to be the first knives I ever flat ground. There are four blade configurations-chisel, v-ground, cnc chisel, and cnc v-ground. All edges are chamfered. Blade is 3"...
  3. Ltwtcmdr

    Scoundrel Boot knife

    Here is a new all steel neck/boot knife I am introducing for Blade-The Scoundrel These are some rough ground samples. All are flat ground some are v-ground some are chisel. I even went ahead and ran some with cnc'ed bevels both chisel and v I should have them back from HT on Tuesday to...
  4. Ltwtcmdr

    Design a Logo- get a knife

    Modified with some more color
  5. Ltwtcmdr

    Design a Logo- get a knife

    Thanks to all who entered. There were many fine designs and unique interpretations. It always amazes me about the depth of talent out there. It was a tough choice, and I could have chosen many others and been just as happy,but a winner ther must be and that winner is .... Chanwahyaoh with...
  6. Ltwtcmdr

    Design a Logo- get a knife

    The logo does not have to have the name in it. The Angryman is kind of inside joke with my knife friends. I am the Angryman :) I LOVE the knife industry and all the individual aspects of it. Whether it be art knife, tactical, forged, Etc. But what gets me angry is the elements that have...
  7. Ltwtcmdr

    Design a Logo- get a knife

    I was thinking that I should have given it a full week for people to try. So let's go ahead and extend it to Friday the 21st. BTW if you have any good ideas but maybe lack the full artisitic talent to bring it to fruition go ahead and post them. The idea can be key :)
  8. Ltwtcmdr

    Design a Logo- get a knife

    Sorry I typed answers to the questions out last night and my blackberry crapped out :( Anyway, I am looking for a maker's mark in particular but also a font/layout for the words and mark. Blades would get the mark but packaging, literature, ads, swag will all get the combo platter of mark...
  9. Ltwtcmdr

    Design a Logo- get a knife

    After doing OEM part work for so long I have decided to jump all the way into the knifemaking world. So I am developing a knife brand under my Universal Outfitters company. The name Angryman Knives. Gun stuff will go under the Universal label and all knife stuff will go under the Angryman...
  10. Ltwtcmdr

    Engraver or a Carver needed

    If you use micarta or g10 I can help you out with that.
  11. Ltwtcmdr

    Not a knife but it is custom...custom cane that is

    I have toyed with this idea for a few years now. In fact even promised to make one for a friend a couple years back, but never got around to getting the fixturing done to make it happen. Well I finally got my ass in gear, especially since with my deteriating back may necessitate one, and this is...
  12. Ltwtcmdr

    UO/George knives collaboration Kerambit

    some more pics
  13. Ltwtcmdr

    UO/George knives collaboration Kerambit

    Decided to make a kerambit using the lollipop tang design I created for my Kiradashi and fixed blade models. In fact this kerambit uses the exact same blade and forward handle design so that the knives are interchangeable in the sheathes. Les George was kind enough to grind the blades for me...
  14. Ltwtcmdr

    Adjustable latches

    That Lazza is one crafty somebitch :) I wish he got more credit for the things he did first.