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  1. Jamiemackieknives

    Hello from England!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  2. Jamiemackieknives

    Brut de forge Bowie

    Brut de forge bowie, forged to finish 1095 steel, 9" blade, 8mm thick with a distal taper and a convex edge. Heirloom fit desert ironwood handle, etched and blued wrought iron guard with a peened bronze pin. $400 I can do a simple leather sheath for an extra $100 or something fancier at your...
  3. Jamiemackieknives

    Hello from England!

    Hi everyone I'm a bladesmith from Hampshire in the UK. I've been making knives for around 16 years but only just went full time last year. I make mostly bowie and fighting knives and have a more American style, hence me trying to connect with other makers and collectors in the USA. Here's...