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  1. J. Doyle

    Damascus & ironwood flipper

    I don't make a lot of flippers as the generally aren't my favorite and EVERYBODY makes flippers. But this one turned out pretty cool, I think. My own 1084/15n20 3 1/4" Damascus blade, desert ironwood scales, jeweled titanium lock/liners, black file worked g-10 backspacer, Damascus pocket clip...
  2. J. Doyle

    Tiny Damascus folder

    This is a small thin, slim and light folder. I think it has a timeless old school feel but with more modern materials. The knife is 3 1/4" closed with a 2 5/8" blade. The whole knife is 3/8" thick total and weighs only 1.4 ounces. The blade is forged from my own 1080/15n20 "Topo Map" polished...
  3. J. Doyle

    Damascus hunter w/ checkered inlays

    I finished this one up a couple weeks ago. 3 3/4" Blade is made from "woodgrain" pattern damascus. Bronze fluted collars with French grayed steel accent. African blackwood handle with Brazilian Rosewood hand checkered inlays. 8 1/4" overall.
  4. J. Doyle

    Lightweight gent's folder

    Here's a nice folder I just finished up. It's an old school, single-liner/lock slim lightweight gent's folder. Blade is 3 1/8" of pinstripe 1084/15n20 Damascus. Scales are black g-10. Bronze fileworked backspacer. Jeweled titanium liner/lock. Titanium thumb stud. Black g-10 pocketclip. 4" closed.
  5. J. Doyle

    6 pack of blocks

  6. J. Doyle

    Nice simple hunter with Koa

    This is the latest hunter I just finished up. Forged from W1 steel. 4" blade, 8 1/2" overall. Crushed W's fluted collar. Stabilized koa handle. .22 short ammo was not's worth as much as the knife. :D
  7. J. Doyle

    Damascus folder billet for sale

    I have a small billet Damascus billet for sale. Perfect for even a large folder or guards, bolsters or spacers. Steels are 1080 & 15n20. It is a lower layer crushed w/laddered pattern. The billet has been normalized, thermal cycled and surface ground and lightly etched. ***PAY ATTENTION***...
  8. J. Doyle

    Rosewood and curly maple

    I have two blocks of beautiful Brazilian Rosewood and one block of eastern hard curly maple Excellent colors and stripes. One rosewood block has high contrast two-tone sapwood. Natural blocks- hard, dense, dry and ready to use. $45 for all 3 blocks. PayPal only. U.S. sales only. Free U.S...
  9. J. Doyle

    Big Basketweave Bowie

    This is a large camp/sporting bowie I finished up recently. It is forged from W2 steel. Small oval guard and collar both made from pattern welded steel. Handle is Missouri black walnut that I hand-carved with 3D basketweave pattern. 15 1/2" overall, 10 1/2" blade.
  10. J. Doyle

    Dressed Up Folder

    This is one I completed a few weeks ago. My original design dressed up in Damascus, black and gold. 3 1/4" blade, 4 1/8" closed Carbon fiber bolsters Black g-10 scales Titanium pivot Gold screws Titanium jeweled lock and liners Bronze backspacer
  11. J. Doyle

    "Ruins"- large bowie

    I just finished up this large bowie knife. I'm naming it "Ruins". The wide ragged bands in the blade, the pitted layered texture of the wrought iron fittings and the random "creeping" texture all remind me of ancient crumbling ruins. The knife has a bit of a medieval vibe to it, IMO. The blade...
  12. J. Doyle

    Persian Kard

    Here's the latest piece I finished for am upcoming show. It's my take on a 17th century Persian kard. This was an incredibly difficult piece for me to photograph. 10" blade of 1084 & 15n20, 14 3/4" overall 416 stainless fittings with fileworked heat blued accent spacer Carved African blackwood...
  13. J. Doyle

    Micro gunstock folder

    This was a prototype for a small folder I designed based off of my first pattern, the classic gunstock folder. This new version is an ultra small size for pocket carry. Blade is 2 3/8" long 1080 & 15n20 steels Closed length is 3 1/4" Scales are Australian Ringed Gidgee Liners and lock are...
  14. J. Doyle

    Damascus & ironwood folder

    I just finished this Damascus & ironwood classic gent's liner lock folder. 3 1/8" blade made from 1084 & 15n20 steels, 4" closed, desert ironwood scales, jeweled titanium liners and lock, titanium hardware, fluted Damascus backspacer, Damascus thumb stud opener.
  15. J. Doyle

    Hunter w/ Amboyna Burl & French Patina

    I just finished up this nice little hunter/utility knife. Forged from W1 steel, French patina finish, bronze fileworked collar, stabilized naturally two-toned amboyna burl handle. 3 3/4" blade, 8 1/8" overall.
  16. J. Doyle

    Liner lock folder with nice Koa

    Here's the latest folder I finished up. 3 1/4" W1 blade 4 1/8" closed Black g-10 bolsters with bronze pivot collars Black g-10 clip and fileworked backspacer Stabilized koa scales Jeweled titanium liners
  17. J. Doyle

    Nice g-carta mixed bundle

    I've got a mixed lot of g-carta material for sale. 2 full size scale sets 1 full size duck call blank 3 single pieces (probably can get 2 folder scales out of each one) or bolsters, spacers, inlay $100 $85 shipped for all. PayPal preferred.
  18. J. Doyle

    Cowboy Bowie

    I just finished this cowboy/gambler's coffin handle bowie. It is forged from W1 steel. Guard, fittings and frame are all black g-10. Scales are Brazilian rosewood with checkered African blackwood inlays. Blade length is 5 1/2". Overall length is 10 1/2".
  19. J. Doyle

    Little Damascus and koa hunter

    This is one of my little hunter/ utility "Patch" knives. It's a really handy and popular knife and thus is the first I've made in Damascus. 7 3/4" overall, 3" blade. 1084 & 15n20 steel, fileworked rounded thumb grip, removable stabilized koa scales with 24k gold plated screws, fileworked...
  20. J. Doyle

    New folder- light, slim design

    I wanted to make a really slim, light folder that was still a full size capable blade. I came up with this new design that is a folding version based on a lot of my hunter's. I like the results and will be doing more like it. Specs: 3 1/4" W1 carbon steel blade w/ selective "French Etch"...