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    Mystery Lock

    The blade and spring are damasteel. The bolsters, pins and liners are stainless and the scales are mammoth ivory. I have been wanting to make one of these since I found out about them a couple of years ago. The damasteel is from winning the giveaway BossDog ran a while ago. I finally put it to...
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    Folding Dagger, Superconductor, LSCF and S35VN

    I made this folding dagger for a dagger challenge on the Australian Blade Forum late last year. The was the first dagger I have ever ground and really enjoyed the challenge of doing this one. There was the design challenge of getting the dagger to fold without exposing the top sharp edge as well...
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    Thylacine Flipper

    This is my first one from designing in CAD and my first flipper model. I usually make much smaller slipjoints but I love a flipper. Since I can't import them any more I figured I better make one. There are a few changes I would like to make for the next one. Mostly due to not being show about...
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    Pivot Length micro tutorial

    I am using some of the fancy new Ti pivots BossDog stocks for the first time. Specifically these ones For this knife I have...
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    Another Lanny's Clip

    This is a great style of knife. This one has: CPM S35VN blade and spring Stainless bolsters, liners, shield and fittings Jigged bone scales Fluted bolsters Half stop Thanks for looking, Alistair
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    Thunderstorm Lanny's Clip

    This one is: 3/32" CPM S35VN blade and spring Stainless liners, fluted bolsters and shield Thunderstorm Kevlar handle scales Hand rubbed finish Milled liners Shield detail Bolsters detail Blade centering Thunderstorm highlights Blade finish Milled liners...
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    Damasteel and CF slipjoint

    Another one finished up this weekend. This was originally the one I started last year for the CK&G forum build off. Finished off with a lot more understated finish compared to its sibling. I love how both of them came out in the end. I really need to stop making so many knives I wish I could...
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    WIP Sidewalker Flipper

    G'Day everyone, I have been doing a build off on the Aussie knife forum and thought I might post it here too. One of the members there rslt designed the knife and put it on the forum to get some opinions on the design and we all loved it enough that we ended up get a few knifemakers to take...
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    Lanny's Clip

    Finished this one a little while ago and have been meaning to post some pictures of it. I would have to say I am super happy with how this one came out both in fit and finish as well as the walk and talk. I am sure the new owner is enjoying it. CPM S35VN blade and spring 410/416 stainless...
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    Stag Peanut

    Another little peanut. This one took a while to finish off but was well worth the wait. ATS-34 Blade and Spring 410 Stainless pins, bolsters, endcaps and milled relief liners Half Stop Sambar Stag handle scales Thanks for looking, Alistair Phillips
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    Elmax Linerlocks

    Finished these ones up just in time for the show. Both are Elmax blades with a stone wash finish and titanium liners. The first one has Black G10 scales and the other a stone wash titanium bolsters and carbon fibre scales. Spyderco Round Hole is licenced by Spyderco Closed length: 105mm OAL...
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    Elmax WIP

    Quite a while ago BossDog gave out some Elmax with the hope that people would test it out and post the results. I have finally gotten around to doing something with mine (sorry it took so long). I am doing 2 liner locks with it. These will be the first liner lock I have made using my own design...
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    Sambar Stag Stockman

    I was overjoyed to pick up best folding knife at the 2012 Australian Knifemakers Guild show in Melb this weekend with this one. ATS-34 Blades and Springs Stainless fittings Sambar Stag scales Pinned Shield (from USA knifemaker.. Thanks Tracy you have made installing shields really achievable...
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    Another Aussie slipjoint

    Luckily I didn't have to finish this one for xmas :D 3/32 O1 tool steel Brass Liners Milled Liner relief Green Canvas Micarta Scales Birds Eye Pivot Thanks for looking Alistair
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    Students work

    About every 3 months or so I run a course teaching how to make slipjoints. For many of the students it will be the first knives they have ever made. These are the results of the 4th course I have run. We start on a friday night with some theory, the plans for the weekend and starting on layout...
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    Bulldog Framelock Build - Cubane

    When Bossdog released the Bulldog framelock kit he let some go for a cheap price. All he asked was to write up a tutorial of the build as we went. So here we go a little later than I would have liked to have been able to deliver on for him. So here is the kit as I received it. All the parts...
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    I was starting my Bulldog kit (Thanks BossDog) build and found I needed a few different counterbores. Since most counterbores are for the screws the pilot part doesn't really help when you are doing a pivot hole. Anyway long story short I found a nice link on making a counter bore...
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    Black lip peanut

    First one for 2011. I had a bit of a dilemma about finishing this one off. As I was peening the centre pin on the folder I took it a bit too far and got a big chip out below the pin. I had the choice to redo it all on a knife that was basically finished, scrap it or finish it up and keep it for...
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    3 blade Sowbelly

    I have been finishing up some knives for the upcoming Adelaide Knife Show on Nov 6-7. I am really excited to show this one off as it is my first multiblade folder. I really need to get some better photos but I put together this quick edit. 3/32 O1 steel Stainless liners and bolsters...
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    BladeSports visit to Australia

    Jose Diaz came down to certify a bunch of us as BladeSports cutters. I think he found all of us to be certifiable for sure :D Anyway it was a great day. Good to learn some of the techniques people have figured out on how to cut all the different materials. I took a bit of video that I put up...