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  1. Timothy La Combre

    Repurposed sheep shear

    Some stuff of the bench
  2. Timothy La Combre

    Some slippies

    Some of the last slippies I made before I stopped. Thought some of you might enjoy
  3. Timothy La Combre

    Too long

    Been a very long time since I posted on the forums. Would these classify as neo tribal or primitive frontier?
  4. Timothy La Combre

    Primitive San Mai

    I haven't forged san mai in ten years. This was a piece of nickel plated mild steel with 1085 core. Handle is fire hardened bamboo with raw hide wrap. Will do a raw hide sheath tomorrow Thanks for looking.
  5. Timothy La Combre

    been missing

    It's been ages since I have been here. Thought I'd share some recent work as a intro. Made pocket knives for ages but have since sold most of my workshop and have gone primitive. Now full time evangelist and part time knife maker
  6. Timothy La Combre

    Little Bowie

    Just finished off this one. A little bowie in N690 stainless with Wild Olive. :D OAL = 400mm Blade = 265mm x 44mm x 6mm So just a little under 16 Inches overall. Guard is N690 with orange G10 for the spacers. Blade is 57 RC As usual comments and crit are always appreciated Cheers Tim
  7. Timothy La Combre

    Pen Knife

    Here's a set I finished over the week end. Something new I am starting - pens and matching folders. Hope you like:D OAL = 160mm Blade = 67mm x 19mm x 3mm SS liners, Palm and N690 bolster sandblasted. Blade is N690 Cheers Tim
  8. Timothy La Combre

    All dressed up

    A 4" lock back in N690, SS liners, Bush pig and Red Bushwillow. Cheers Tim
  9. Timothy La Combre

    Damascus Wharnie

    Hi all One I finished up last night. OAL = 170mm Blade = 75mm x 19mm x 3.5mm 230 layers 1080/15N20 Thanks for looking Tim
  10. Timothy La Combre

    Frontier axe

    Whilst waiting for my order of steel to arrive I got sidetracked with this today. 1080 forged in coal. Cheers Tim
  11. Timothy La Combre

    Frontier Hawk

    Just finished. 95% finished in the coal forge, only the bevels ground in. Cheers Tim
  12. Timothy La Combre

    Rosewood slippy

    Something just finished. A practice run to make sure I have everything right. For my third slip joint I am very pleased with the result. Rosewood with SS and Black G10 liners and Giraffe bone bolster. Pins are SS with Silver. Blade is 1080 cold blued. OAL = 124mm Blade = 54mm x 17mm x x2.3...
  13. Timothy La Combre

    Feathered Bowie

    This is my first attempt at a feather pattern. I have tried a crushed W's before that came out OK but am really chuffed with this one. Lot's of work, tears and cursing. Was only going to show when the bowie was done but am too pleased with myself at the moment. Handle will be a piece of...
  14. Timothy La Combre

    Damascus hunter

    Blade 77mm x 28mm x 3mm OAL 175mm 15N20 and 1080 in a crushed W feather variation Wild Olive burl with Giraffe bone bolster (hidden pins) Comes with sheath Sold Thanks Tim
  15. Timothy La Combre

    Wharncliff FF

    Wild olive and 890 Layer Damascus (15N20 and 1080) OAL = 165 Blade = 65mm x 25mm x 2.8mm Thanks for looking
  16. Timothy La Combre

    Damascus and Red Milkwood Friction Folder

    Hi all Red Milkwood with 120 layer 1080 and 15N20 Random Damascus OAL = 183mm Blade = 72mm (cutting edge) x 28mm x 2.8mm Handle = 105mm x 22mm x 15mm Price is $130-00 including shipping from South Africa Payment through PayPal
  17. Timothy La Combre

    3 Inch Friction folders

    Hi all Recently finished these Thanks for looking Tim
  18. Timothy La Combre

    More FF's finished today

    Hi all Finished these up today. Wild Olive Micarta Red Bush Willow Red Milkwood Thanks for looking Tim
  19. Timothy La Combre

    Damascus Utility

    Hi all. This will be first advertized knife on KnifeDogs. 135 layers of 1084 and 15N20 with Giraffe bone handle. OAL = 170mm Handle = 90mm x 10mm x 20mm Blade = 75mm (cutting edge) x 4mm x 28mm Price is $130-00 excluding shipping of $10-00 from South Africa Payment through PayPal Withdrawn...
  20. Timothy La Combre

    Two friction folders

    Finished these two today for clients Both 1084 with my own micarta. Thanks for looking Tim