damascus knife

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    Hello, new and young knife smith.

    Here is a forged knife for hunting, fishing and convivial meals with friends and family. Multi-bar Damascus with a rombic grind and my first grind of this type. Brass, walnut and reindeer antler handle for a very happy customer <a href="https://goopics.net/i/uh5lrs">
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    Unique Damascus forged knife with gray marble handle

    Hello everyone. Here is a unique piece: Damascus agate pattern mounted on a handle with brass and gray marble ring from a castle in France. with a tinted leather case and buckles also made by hand. A range that I am launching. Don't hesitate to leave me a message if you are interested in such...
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    semi-integral forged in multi-bar damascus

    Good morning, first publication of my work here is a semi-integral forged in multi-bar damascus with U-shaped welding warthog handle with damascus pommel.
  4. Handmade Damascus Fish Knife

    Handmade Damascus Fish Knife

    Damascus Steel Blade : 3" Bone, horn and brass handle; 4.5" Blade Hardness: 54-56 HRC For Sale: US$ 110