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    Wakizashi Swords

    I want an antique wakizashi swords in shirasaya for self-protection and many others. how can I tell if a sword is a dependable device vs. just a showpiece? priorities additionally consist of a low rate point, historic accuracy, and minimalist design in that order.
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    Making Knives and Swords from Pipe Shrapnel

    Greetings, Knife Dogs! I have patented an explosive process that makes an amazing polishing agent consisting of diamond-enhanced ceramic powders. To do this I pack a steel pipe with my explosive, detonate this inside of a large vessel, and extract the powder that is produced. The detonation...
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    42 inch huge silver engraved handle mughal tulwar

    newly made tulwar sword~42 inches overall length inside scabbard, handle is silver engraved{with hand / knuckle guard}- huge size-for big men who need big grips,blade damascus pattern ,blade length about 36 inches,it took the artisan nearly 60 days to make this tulwar sword...