“Kevin Cashen’s Guide To 1080 & 1084” Remastered

I would have to say that the first run of “Kevin Cashen’s Guide to 1080 & 1084” was an overwhelming success, it took less than two months to sell out. During that time, I got a lot of helpful feedback, and while I couldn’t accommodate all the budding Francis Ford Coppola’s and Martin Scorsese’s out there, I did get some very constructive input on how to make the next run even better. Since I have insisted on maintaining total control over the production of these videos, doing all the shooting, editing and mastering myself, it makes it much easier to apply changes when I get these suggestions. So, I am very happy to announce that after some re-editing, and remastering, the second edition is now available.

Don’t worry if you have the first edition, no new footage was added, all I did was Improve the visibility of the fonts used, and tightened up the cuts and transitions to give the video a better flow. Due to having to meet the deadline of the 2018 Blade Show, some small keying artifacts (specks of noise in the green screen effects) got past me the first time around, and these are now gone. The navigation menu has a much more linear flow as well. I really don’t see where I can improve much upon this latest effort and so it will probably be the last re-edit before moving on to the much requested “Kevin Cashen’s Guide To 52100”, for which testing has already begun.

The second edition is available right now on my website, http://cashenblades.com/mathertonforge/index.php/for-sale/ and I will be bringing them to the ABS Mid-America Hammer-in at Troy Ohio. Next weekend, August 24-26.