1st attempt at a "tactical" knife


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well, here goes...this is my first tactical style knife. the blade is from an old sawmill saw blade that I scrounged from a friend. it's triple tempered/quenched/heat treated. handles are od grn/black micarta with alum. corby pins/bolts (from Tracy) w/kydex sheath. MANY THANKS to the BossDog for the 4 pt tutorial on kydex sheath making...invaluable!MANY THANKS to Kyle Gahagan for showing me the step by step procedure while he actually made the sheath. it sure helps when u've got the tools to do the job with. the knife is about 95% finished...little more finish sanding to do and that's about it!!!

Hope u all like it..feel free to comment!!!:cool:


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I think you did a good job putting this one together. But I have to be honest I dont really see "tactical".
It has more of a camp knife look to it than anything else.
Just my 2c