1st knife on a grinder


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So, what would you call this knife?
bird and Trout?
It started out as a hunter, but I kept making mistakes on it. I think it lost 3/4" or better on the blade width, and at least 1/4" or better on the handle. I'm probably going to just use it as a deboning knife in the kitchen.

Here are the dimensions

4 7/8 from tip to ricasso
8 1/4 overall
1/8" O1
58-59 RC Hardness
Heat Treat by Ken Coats


(special thanks to Ken Coats for letting me use his light box)

This is my 1st knife on a grinder. My previous one was done by hand with files. There are a number of 1sts here for me, including:

a)Well, I got to use a grinder.
b)Hollow Grind
d)Domed Pins

I cannot believe the number of flaws I have in the knife. It makes me respect those guys even more, that get that extra clean fit and finish.

Some of the things I've learned.

a)Never do "just 1 more pass" on the grinder
b)I can't believe how fast O1 can rust between dunking and bringing it to the grinder
c)Grinding allows you to make mistakes really fast, and take a long time to get them worked out.

So, what would you do different on this knife? On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate it. Looking for any feedback (good and bad) to make my next knife better.

Dwane Oliver

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Dont call em mistakes......call em design changes , LOL

It dosnt look that bad , I will give it a 7
If your HT is good it should be very usefull in the kitchen.

Frank Hunter

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If we "grade it on a curve" considering your experience and deviations from your intended design, yeah I'd say a 7 or 8. It's a fine looking knife, the final profile and handle shape look very handy for kitchen or detail use. Only 3 things really stick out to me as being a little rough- Your handle material looks a little boogered up surrounding the face of the domed pin, a slight notch in the left hand handle scale at the ricasso, and the finger groove at the ricasso is a little wide imo. The first two may be camera tricks and the last is just a personal preference. I did a lot worse, a whole lot, when I started. Looks like your return at the plunge is symmetrical, so I can't see any outright "mistakes" that are glaring, I think you'll do just fine if you keep paying attention to detail. Always satisfying to be able to save a project.


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That's the terminology that I use when the @&^%$(*!! Fairy shows while making a knife!

I personally have learned the most during these times.

If you ask any honest Artist/Painter. They will say your style comes from how you cover up your mistakes. I feel this is just as true for knife making.

Looks like it will be a nice Boning or Bird & Trout knife.




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Very good for a first effort. You'll be surprised how quickly you will improve. Never give up on a piece. You'll learn a lot. Round handles on knife may not be a good idea.