2 im working on

LR Harner

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both are 52100
one is 6/8 + spine and the big boy is 8/8 + spine (its a bit over 9/8)

both are wedge ground and both will be mirror finished
the msaller is getting amboyna burl
not sure whats going on the big one yet

LR Harner

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kelly asked what the circles in the one razor were and i had to giggle a bit and say that its the vent on the celing 7 feetfrom the blade :)

Charlie Lewis

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Those are both cool looking, the spines look great. The big one is definitely a chopper, it should scare the whiskers away.



The 9/8 is for intimidation. You get ready to shave you hold the razor up and the whisker jump off from freight. Great looking razors.