2x42 belts - Sold

Casey Brown

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I just purchased a 2x72 grinder. As such, I have a bunch of 2x42 brand new out of the box 2x42 belts. Here is what I have available:

These are the new belts that I have.

7 60grit Norton blaze
6 36 grit ceramic
12 600 grit
5 80 grit ceramic
3 120 grit ceramic

I also have Trizact belts from A300 to A30, but I have used them a little bit.

The new belts are worth $110 without shipping. The Trizact belts were $35 new, but have some use. I'll take offers for whatever you think they are worth.

Email me at caseybrownknives@gmail.com if you are interested.
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