2x72 Belt Grinder Review - SRG KadrmasKreations

J. Keeton

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Hey Knife Dogs, I've been lurking around for a while on here but regrettably not very active. I'm a new-er maker working out of Midland, Texas (part-time/weekend warrior). I wanted to post this review here since A.) I think some new-er makers looking for a budget grinder may find it useful and B.) I'm impressed with my experience on this grinder and C.) Because this review took time and I'm proud of it! ... Cheers!

I'll be reviewing the SRG 2x72 grinder with 1.5 x 0.75 tooling arms manufactured by Kyle @ KAdrmasKreations. I was lucky enough to purchase mine second hand with a 1HP Leeson motor and a KB VFD. The chassis alone can be purchased on Kyle's site for $480 plus S&H. I've been operating this grinder for 6 months thus far.

It can be found for sale here: https://kadrmaskreations.com/products/srg-2x72-belt-grindersander-frame-with-wheels

  • Tension Arm & Shock:
    • I've found this tension system to be very user friendly. It's easy to engage and dis-engage; and it hold very suitable tension on the belt.
    • I have heard that the shocks opposed to the springs can get gummed up over time, however, this one is still going strong.
    • Belt change-outs have been a breeze with this tension arm so far. It's in a convenient location.
  • Tooling Arms
    • My SRG has 1-1/2'' x 3/4'' tooling arms. This was something that I was initially worried about since most tooling arms on beefier grinders are 1.5 x 1.5, however, this has not been an issue.
    • One advantage of the smaller tooling arms is that everything is lighter.
    • If you do want to convert to 1-1/2'' x 1-1/2'' you can with this grinder. You'll have some slotted bolts to loosen, and you'd need to add some additional spacers to the system... But it's possible.
  • Tracking Knob
    • At first I had a hard time with it, however, it was due to user error! After I oiled up the threads it moves easily.
    • Tracking in general on this machine has been good.
  • 2 Wheel Platen
    • The 2 wheel platen came with the machine has a mild steel face.
    • I installed a ceramic platen, and it has been performing well.
    • I ended up notching one of the bolts on the back end of the platen face so that I could make it 100% parallel with the belts, but this was no big deal.
  • Work Rest
    • The work rest that came with the grinder could have been better.. It seems fairly cheap in comparison to the rest of the grinder. ]
    • I have issue with it sitting square to the platen face horizontally and adjusting it is difficult.
    • This is an item I'll need to upgrade at a later date
  • Rubber Feet
    • The grinder came with some little rubber feet on it. I've operated it for months with the rubber feet (while still being bolted down to the stand) and it worked out pretty well. I recently removed the feet and now have the grinder sitting on some wood blocks. I believe this slightly reduced vibration
    • I have some "vibration footage" in the video below. I will note that the plywood I have it bolted to has some flex... so I need to sure that up with the skeleton of the stand.
  • 4'' Contact Wheel
    • I've used it for some odd jobs and also for rough profiling to save my platen face from wear.
    • I really haven't gotten that much use out of it yet.
  • 1HP Leeson Motor and VFD
    • I'm able to do everything I want to do on this machine without it bogging down.
    • I could image if I did more tapered tangs, or aggressive rough profiling on this machine that it could present itself as an issue.
    • The VFD has been AWESOME. I don't think I'd ever be able to go back to a non VFD unit... Being able to slow down the machine has paid dividens (not burning handle material, plunges, bevels, etc)... I screw less up with the VFD.

Overall Feelings and Wrap-up:
  • It's safe to say that it's not a hefty monster of a grinder. But for the budding knife maker on a budget I feel it's a solid option.
  • I wish the work rest was better (more squared up and easier to adjust), but hey... that's a little thing that fixable.
  • All the major components necessary to be a serviceable grinder work well.
    • Tracking, Tension, Platen, Etc
  • If you're looking to "get in the game" on the 2x72 train... then this grinder isn't a bad choice (in my opinion after 6 months of use).

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