30+ Years of Caffrey Knives in Photos

Bruce McLeish

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I was feeling pretty crumby yesterday, so I spent a lot of time sitting at the computer, and decided to make an attempt at gathering, and putting in one place photos of my career. I'm sure I missed a few, but here's an album of what I consider my favorite work and moments of career. Enjoy!

Enjoy I did. Gonna keep this in ots own folder - to remind myself of what is possible. Thanks, Ed.

Randy Lucius

That’s a great representation of an incredible body of work and you have many more good years ahead of you. Keep on truckin’ my friend!


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Wow Ed!
This collection shows what an amazingly talented and dedicated craftsman can accomplish.
Gives us something to aim for.
Thanks for posting it.

C Craft

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Ed, love the pics. A great collection of your talents! You are indeed a master at your craft!


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Ed, I hope going thrue the incredible photos of your knives has lifted your spirits it certainly did mine, gorges work thanks for posting, all the best. Deane


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How about that, more than a few of the odds and ends ring bells for me. Was Steve's hammer-in really ten years ago, hmmm. Glad you mixed in a few game pics, and ole Hammer. Not trying to mess up your album, but you should dig up that picture of Hammer with freezeout in the background, and one or two more of your great little edc's.:) Thanks for putting it together.


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Cough, cough. Yup, I noticed. I was thinking more about Hammer and the marsh. It wasn't exactly like riding around in a Cadillac, but that old Toyota was a good gear-n-field rig. See you folks around.