60 years old


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I've got just over 4 years before that milestone but i'm really not in any hurry! No offense! LOL

Enjoy the ride!


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Atta boy Pops!
way to hang in there. I've got a little over 3 years to go myself...


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60! Wow, congrats Karl.......Just a side note, the last time I seen something 60 years old, its was in an antique store, over priced and completely useless (kidding). Its just a number, its more important to feel young than to count the number of years.


Jim Moenck

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Well Mr. Anderson, I never would have pegged you for 60 when I met you in Bemidji this spring. But then, you weren't 60 quite yet. Happy Birthday to ya, and wishing you many more.

Wayne Coe

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Whipper snapper! I was 72 last week. Well, actually last week I was 71, now I'm 72. Judging from the date of your post we share a birthday.

Karl B. Andersen

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Thank you, all, gentlemen.
From the looks of the roster, I'm in some damn fine company here.
And I'm proud to be an Old Dog.
I hope you're right, Ray. :nothing:

Bruce Bump

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Sorry Im so late for the party. Is there any cake left? Happy belated birthday wishes.

Welcome to Old Dogs. You really don't look 60.

Freds Edge

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Happy B Day , 60 may be just the beginning , I did not start this crazy knife thing until I was past that milestone.