60 years old


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Well Congrats Karl - keep going and you'll catch up with me...... well, maybe not. You're still a young man!

Ken H>


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60 is not bad .. I just got over a serious illness , but I feel good now .. Keeping in shape and eating right saved my Butt. I exercise everyday with 25lb weights . Nothing heavy duty 20 reps with each arm and 15 pushups .

Keeps me trim and fit. I will be 70 soon . I feel great ....!!!


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Well, it happened.
Now I'm 61. Glad to be here.
Congrats again! I now have a little over 3 years and change till I hit 60, but wait? Your now 61? Enjoy the day and remember the best piece of advice I've heard for birthdays after 50.

Its better to be old, then cold!:happy: