$8 dollar straight razor

Vance C.

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I found a (presumably) older straight razor at a garage sale this summer. i was messing around with a strop and thought i would pull it out and get it working! since it is my first and only razor, it is fascinating :drool: it is a columbia cutlery razor, that came in a "premier" company box. i thought i would share it, seeing as how this is all about straight razors!




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It looks to be in pretty good shape. Good find. Here is some info on the company...FYI and the web page where it came from for future use if you need it.

Worcester, Massachusetts
ca. 1905

Straight Razor Manufacturers and Dates of Operation

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Vance its all about condition . A fancy razor blade with etching but slightly rusted can be virtually worthless. A razor with a crack at a pin is pretty much a write off. As far as collecting you really need to know alot when getting into this hobby . The one you got is a very plain but nice razor that should shave well if thats what your thinking. I started at 2 or 3 and now had 30 some really old and not worth much but very rare . I have some I found out alot about the makers and thats what makes it cool to find out the history about the razor you have. the internet is full of help too. Nicefind enjoy.